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Office Politics ...
I work in a large office building.  I have been with the company for years working my way up the ladder.  I am the assistant/secretary to one of the big bosses now. I am proud of my job. But the economy is tanking and my industry is getting his hard.  My boss called me into his office and informed me that the company is doing some downsizing.  He mention that my name was up on the cutting block. My salary was high and they thought one of these younger girls could fill my position.  I was shocked that they thought I could be so easily replaced.  The boss was quick to point out that he was in my corner but he needed to prove my value to the company.  I needed to go over and beyond my usual job description.   He brought out a camcorder and placed it on his desk.  I questioned what he meant. He said well, the boys, the big bosses had her stories about me and that in my younger days I had stripped.......
Will I strip for my job?   Will I be a shocked but compliant? 
Will I let you know,  I have a crush on you. Oh no I am not in love with you.  I want to fuck you.  So I will do your video but then you are going to do me.  Will I have you fuck all my holes? Open up the door to your office and let all those young girls see, I can not be replaced!!!

Naughty Nurse
Oh I see you and your wife are trying to get pregnant.  The doctor has asked for a semen sample.   I am sorry we really don't keep any adult material here.  I look around the room. I get you a specimen cup and leave the room.  When I return 20 minutes later, the cup is still empty.   I try to explain we need the room, we are getting backed up.  But you are already embarrassed so I decide on a different approach.  I come into the room and lock the door.  I walk over to  you, I look down at your cock and then smile at you.
Do I take your cock into my mouth and suck that load out of your cock?
Do I climb up on the exam table, spread my legs apart and let you see I have no panties on under my nurse's uniform?

Fucking My Best Friend Husband
I am fucking my best friends husband.  Oh don't be so shocked, my husband knows all about it. My husband likes to watch and my lover likes to fuck. I have a happy life fucking one and loving the other. 
|Will you be the short dick, ineffective, humiliated husband?
Will you be the strong bull who takes this pussy anytime that he wants it.

I am your Professor.  I am teaching a class on Nudity in America. You need the credits that I offer, but really do you want to stand naked in class.  Everyone would see you, all of you. Or should all I everyone will see what is missing. How humiliating that will be!! Sure the Professor would understand your situation.  You come to see me before class to explain, you could never be on display.  You are willing to do anything to make up for the fact that you can't be naked in front of everyone. 
But as your professor I explain the class syllabus states that all students will have to have a week of nudity in the class.
Will I schedule extra work for you to save you from your short comings?
Will I join in with the students on your first nudity day of laughing snickering at your little itty bitty dick?

I dabble a little in Mistress play.  I know how to take charge.

I should also tell you the things I do not like...

When did you first have sex?  
Can you be submissive? NO!!!   
Guys who call with only one minute on their acct.

Free Picture of me!!!

I feel the need to clarify myself a little more. If your desire is to degrade a female, to humiliate another person, then please DO NOT CALL ME. I am never going to get into that type of call. I don't like being your slave.