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Lady Azelle

What have you done to deserve Me?

Lady Azelle

My voice has been known to drive men insane with desire and deep into submission. I have one requirement of you before you contact Me: have an idea of what it is you would like to discuss. With that knowledge I can take you to places you would never have imagined possible.

A little about Me: I'm tall. How tall? In most of My shoes and boots I stand 6'4", and barefoot, I'm still 5'9". My height hardly matters though, as you will be spending most of your time on your knees in My presence. I am well-educated, intelligent, highly imaginative, and possess a healthy sense of humour. I realize some Dommes never crack a smile, but there are many things that I find amusing about slaves, and I enjoy exploiting them. My sense of humour is tempered by My high expectations and sometimes extremely strict demeanour.

I have been a lifestyle Domme for all of My adult life, and a Pro Domme for nearly as long. Being a Domme and living a BDSM lifestyle isn't something that I do, it is something that I am. My stable of slaves keep Me entertained, pleased, and well cared for. Some of them started out like you, reaching out to Me for a conversation or a session. Be wary, once you begin speaking with Me you may not want it to stop, and I will not be held accountable for any obsession you might develop. you have been warned.

Lady Azelle

your call with Me could take many forms, depending on My mood and what I'm in the middle of. Some of you call Me for no other reason than to talk, hear My voice & get to know Me. Perhaps you are calling to get My opinion on some questions you have. Luckily I have a background in psychology and social work which, when combined with My experience as a Domme makes for some positive and useful advice.

Others will be calling Me with your pathetic little cocks in your hand. you know it's true. These conversations can go in many directions. Sometimes I will take a call while I am enjoying My bull, which is wonderful for those of you with cuckolding fantasies. Sometimes I will take a call while in session with a slave, and you will be able to virtually take part in a live scene, listening to the whips crack, the chains rattle and the gagged moans while you sit back wishing and imagining that it was you. If you're really lucky, I might even be with one of My female slaves.

Our conversation will be no less exhilarating if you catch Me alone. We will explore our fantasies and I will leave you weak, used up, and thankful for it. A word of advice: try to have some appropriate toys and tools on hand based on your fetishes. Otherwise, I'll keep you on the clock while you run around and gather the necessary items. If you are interested in learning more about Me & My interests, feel free to visit My website at