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Bitch Princess

I LOVE To Have My Pretty Size Eleven Feet Kissed!

Greedy Dominatrix Seeks slaves, submissives, fetishists, and sissies

I'm a REAL Dominant Young Woman living in Los Angeles. Ever since I was eighteen and My boyfriend had a foot fetish, I've learned how much power and control I have over a man with just My feet! Foot jobs, foot domination, foot worship, foot fucking, pedicures, I LOVE IT ALL! I love to fuck faces with My feet, pinch nipples and noses with My feet, stop a man's breath with My feet... I LOVE IT ALL! I have LONG toes, I'm 5'7" and have size eleven feet to match. My toenails are always perfectly pedicured! I like 90s style pink and white french tips, black nail polish, cherry red, and hot pink. Sometimes I like mauve or baby pink if I'm feeling really young that day. Oh, I also REALLY LOVE controlling OLDER MEN with My feet. I've been doing it forever! *bats eyelashes innocently*

I get off on REAL POWER. REAL CONTROL. I LOVE to be a home wrecker. I've been doing it for years (ask any of my friend's moms) and it makes Me feel high! I LOVE the idea of your fat, ugly, cow of a wife lying upstairs farting and snoring while your dick is SO HARD for My TIGHT little barely legal body and tiny voice! If you're married or have a girlfriend you ARE GOING TO LIE TO HER FOR ME. SCIENCE FACT. PRINCESS HILLY IS MANIPULATRIX! HEH.

My favorite types of calls are the ones where I tell you what I'd do to you in real life, the ones where I interview you to find out what makes you tick, and the ones where you hand over the keys and REALLY let Me sit in the drivers seat.

Also, BTW, My rate is so low cuz I want a lot of guys to call Me so that My points will go up so do leave a good reviewif you had fun and BLEW YOUR LOAD FOR LITTLE PRINCESS HILLY! HEE! href="">

I am in search of real human slaves, submissives, sissies, and yes, even pets. I'd like to be a keyholder for the right submissive.

I like to humiliate and degrade but I also just love kink. I'd love to sit around on My bed and talk about kink with you. Sometimes I get really horny doing phone sex but I never get off on the phone with you (well this is not entirely true but if I do, you will never ever know about it!)

I get off on Power. It makes Me horny. I'm pretty much a lesbian but I LOVE to use and dominate men. That also means I'm pretty much a dick aficionado, I indulge in one once in a while, provided it's at least eight inches long and worth My time. Sorry boys, but there are very very few of you with suitable cocks.

I like smart men with whom I can carry on an intelligent conversation. Don't let My Valley Girl dialect fool you. I'm crazy smart, FUCKED UP KINKY, and get absolutely wet hearing your fucked up and perverse stories. I get off dominating men and women in My daily life.

Things that make Me horny:


Also normal stuff like CBT, Financial Domination, behavior modification, masturbation schedules, medical scenes, caging, confinement, strapon, boys who are girls who like girls who are boys, you know, the usual.

If you buy something off My wishlist you'll get a few camera phone photos of Me using it.

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