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Mistress Pinky Galore

Confession Line Quickies! Call, Confess, & Leave!

Confess your secrets to me! Using your weakness against you is such a turn on!
This line is for Confession Quickies only.

I know what you need, you need release...
You need an outlet, a dark corner to cry into.
You need a soft, warm place to let go.
Tell me everything! Let it ALL out!

You're hopeless, pathetic, and hooked. My voice sucks you in, my words spit you out. You’re doomed, darling!

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Confess your sins to a Superior!
Relieve yourself of the pressure of your perversions.
Your secrets are safe with me,
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Using you turns me on!
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Poisonous potions, tempting tonics, teasing triggers, and pop pleasure pills!
I'm lovingly cruel and sadistically inclined.
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