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Wanna come over and play house?

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It's like bad 80's porn around here. Scarce plot and lots of fucking, just how I like it. With my husband gone at work all day, I'm left with the dishes, the laundry, the chores and the neighbors. Oh and the phone. My pussy gets wet right after he gives me my good-bye kiss in the wee hours before dawn, but I keep a good friend charged on my night stand for that one. Then around 9 i usually have company for breakfast, and sometimes company has me. after that I lounge and do my housework. Unless someone stops by that is!

I always do my shopping in the afternoon at the farmers market. Oh those stock boys! That sun does look good on them, almost as good as I do.

I volunteer weekly at the local library. Well ok I'm working off my late fees! The Librarian wouldn't take spankings to cover the fine.

By the time I'm cooking dinner my sex is throbbing with anticipation. Every touch of my apron sends shudders down my legs and tingles my toes! I want the cucumber I'm peeling for the salad to be a hard cock I'm stuffing down my throat. I want the lasagna I'm layering to be a warm bed. I always make my food with extra sausage. My hubby doesn't always like it, but he indulges me.

We eat a little dinner, drink a little wine, chat with friends, every night is magic. On weekends I'm a breakfast in bed princess. But weekdays, I'm a regular neighborhood whore. Don't get me wrong, I'm not selling it, I give it up as charity. Nothing brightens a guys day like a quick blow off, and I just like to see people happy. Lots of happy people when I'm around.

And nothing gets you better service than showing a little cleavage. But for a real discount invite your grocer and his wife for an afternoon quickie in the back office. I get fucked on the desk a few times with her tongue lashing my boobs like a playful teenager, and suddenly steaks are half-off! And a sore backside is a small price to pay for every movie-channel and full streaming video speeds on my Wi-Fi. Just don't tell everybody!

I spent years with my number getting passed around to every jock with a hard cock and a reading problem. My parents were so proud I was tutoring half the males in my class, and a few of the cheerleaders too! It's not hard when you're also fucking the principal on the sly from his wife and daughters. His son knew. He was in my class, in the good half. but I'm married now. settled down. doing the domestic thing. day in, day out. a little boredom is a dangerous thing. Keep it discrete. I'll tell if you won't.

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