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Time for me to fuck with you!

UPCOMING SCHEDULE... (Note that hours are listed in Central time)
Friday May 26 - 1pm to 6pm and 9pm to 2am Central
Saturday May 27 - 2pm to 6pm and 9pm to 2am Central
Sunday May 28 - 2pm to 6pm Central
Monday May 29 - Daytime hours are unknown. 9pm to 2am Central

You may not realize this but I know you better than you know yourself. I know that what you really need and want is to be owned by a gorgeous, strong and dominant Princess like myself and I know how truly weak you are. Let me be clear – I have rules and I expect you to fully obey them. If you think that for one second I will put up with any bullshit from you then think again!

I LOVE being in charge and I was born to be a Princess. You will be shocked at how quickly and easily I can get you to submit to me (and how willing you actually are).

If you are the kind of sub who fits into any one (or more) of these areas then you’ve found the right Princess to serve!

  • You crave Humiliation and/or Abuse
  • Your cock and balls love a little Tease and Deny
  • Torture and Pain gets your cock rock hard
  • You’re a little pussy Cuckold who needs to be owned and laughed at while I get fucked by a real man
  • You know you’re not good enough for a woman like me so the best you can hope for is that I’ll take you on as my Slave
  • You’re so worthless that the most you deserve is for me to simply Ignore you while I go on about my day
  • You’re so weak that I can Forcefully Intoxicate you and make you confess all your sins and secrets
  • You’re a little sissy bitch who wants to undergo some serious Feminization
  • You secretly want to experience a Forced Bi-Sexual situation (Suck that cock you little bitch and take it up your ass until it makes you cum!)
  • You’re so pathetic that you need me for some Guided Masturbation and to make sure you only cum when given permission

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