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Red Delicious

English Lifestyle Domme. Passionate Sadist.

I am an English lifestyle Domme, I command full respect from everyone in all my interactions, kinky or vanilla and I believe in female superiority and by the end of your call so will you. I am young and voluptuous. My elegant accent will always leave you wanting more. My breasts are beautiful, my hips are hypnotic, my pale skin is flawless and my lipstick is the color of your bleeding heart.

When you call me you will address me as Red. You can expect to tell me which filthy fetishes you have, I will not rattle off a list of what I can do for you. I happily accept calls for conversation and am intelligent and engaging in my conversation.

I can be viciously sadistic and I long to torture. If I think you can take more torment I will give you more, if I don't think your wallet is empty I will take it all. You will beg for everything.

With a modest amount of begging I will graciously rein in my sadism to grant you a more sensual experience, first time or new slaves will enjoy my softer domination.

  • Intelligent Conversation.
  • Teasing then Denying you.
  • Giving you painful blue balls.
  • Ignoring. Your first sentence will be confessing your pathetic wish to be totally ignored by a beautiful woman, you will stay on and listen to me doing anything but talk to you.
  • Mild or severe Cock and Ball Torture.
  • Raise the Rate!
  • A Skilled, Experienced Masturbatrix Session.
  • Cuckolding you.
  • Pimping you out to my male friends.
  • Emptying your wallet.
  • Role Playing, all scenarios considered.
  • Laughing at your gross kinks or your itty bitty penis.
  • Petplay.
  • Female led relationships and feminine superiority.
  • Primal strap-on fucking.
  • Forced intoxication.
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