Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

The ignore line of Master X

If you call this line you will be ignored

Do you really think that you are important enough that you can call Me and that I would just take time out of My day to help you jerk your little dick off? Let Me answer that for you, your not worth any of My time. I don’t give a fuck if your paying for the call, My time is to important to sit around and listen to you.

When you call Me this is how its going to go, your going to have your small ass dick in your hand stoking it slowly waiting for Me to answer and when I do your heart is going to start beating a little faster knowing that a Alpha Male is on the other side of the line. You’ll sit there for a moment hoping to hear even a simple hello, but instead what you’ll hear is the muffling noise of My phone sliding into My pocket until it is resting against My 8” cock. Then you’re going to feel your heart sink because you know that I don’t want to speak to fags like you. you’ll remember that you’re paying for the phone call and you’ll want to hang up, but first you’ll try to get My attention “Sir?” “Please Sir are you there?”. And when you realize that I’m not going to answer your pleas, part of you is going to want to leave, but you won’t because there will be another part of you that is overwhelmingly attracted to this, that knows you deserve this. you will get really quite and listen intensely for any sound from your Master. you might hear some, you might not. But you’ll still want to please Me and want Me to talk to you, so you’ll start pressing tribute buttons on My niteflirt. First you’ll start out with the smaller tributes, but when I don’t respond you will keep sending more tributes each bigger than the last.

you faggots are so predictable!

But then again I might talk you. Of course you fags would have to work to put Me in that kind of mood, buy hey, you know you want it. Here are some ways that might convince Me to talk to you faggots:
  • If you make tributes I might take notice and may talk to you… maybe
  • I get off on fags handing over their hard earned cash, the more you give the better I feel. IF I’m paying attention to My niteflirt I MIGHT see you making tributes and you MIGHT just excite Me enough that I decide to talk to your sorry ass
    $10 tribute
    $25 tribute
    $50 tribute
    $100 tribute
  • If I’m in a fag degrading mood
  • Most of the time I don’t give a fuck about you fags and I don’t even acknowledge ya’lls existence. But every now and then I like to remind you of the piece of shit you are.

  • If you beg enough
  • It cracks Me up to listen to you fags beg for any type of response from Me. Who knows, I might be listening.