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True Alpha

Financial Domination for men who need to be used

Strict FemDom financial Domination

I am The True Alpha. Apex predator. Fearless night Queen. And I think most of you are silly and self-indulgent and annoyingly needy. So I want your money. To keep things interesting. And to reinforce your submissive training.

Until now, you have known me as EliteDomme. My name is Miss June and until now, I have offered guidance and compassion to submissive men by phone in a loving and supportive manner. And when the men in my care have shown signs of self-destruction, I have always rescued them from their damaging impulses, protecting the weak. If you are seeking a submissive experience that is safe and nurturing, please call my listings under the EliteDomme screen name. I still enjoy nurturing sweet and vulnerable submissive men. But that is not what this listing is for. This listing, this identity, is for something darker and deeper and more honest and more dangerous. The True Alpha is not here to protect you. The True Alpha is here to consume you.

Financial Domination phone sex Mistress

Do you have interesting stories to share? Or have you mostly played it too safe until now? Life is short. And you have a right to experience bold things. Stupid things. Crazy things. You are allowed to do crazy, bat-shit crazy, wild, fucked up things. Life is short and I encourage you to do anything that makes your blood pump. Make mistakes. Big bold ones. Take risks. Follow me into the abyss. We're going to have fun. Well, at least I am going to have fun for sure.

Addicted to financial Domination

When you call me on this listing, you need to know that I am here to give you a dark gift. I am here to hold your hand and lead you down the scary scary slippery slope of your deepest darkest desire to disappear. I am a shape shifter. And I will take on whatever form is most likely to lead you clearly and directly to the heart of the storm.

I am not a theatrical villain. There will be no shouting. No cackling. No negotiating. I am simply, quietly, totally in control - pulling you deeper and deeper into your growing obsession.

I love the freedom and stability that money offers and I love it even more when I know you freely give me YOUR money for no good reason. Just because you have a cock and you are weak for me. I love that!

A Dominant phone sex Goddess

Monsters are often beautiful. They don't tell you that when you are a kid. I grew up beautiful and cold. I wanted to be a better person, so I studied compassion and loving kindness. When you call my EliteDomme listings, I am concerned with your best interests and I want you to have a healthy and fulfilling escape from your daily life. That is the part of me that I consciously crafted. When you call The True Alpha, I am offering something very different. Something very rare. I am prying the lid off the deep well of cruelty that I have been suppressing much of my life. Tasting the bittersweet power that is my birthright. Giving you the chance to honor a true self actualized Goddess who is willing to go beyond the pale. A sophisticated Queen who is intelligent and cruelly unconcerned with your well-being. When you call The True Alpha, be prepared to lose your shit.

If you go to a monster and she tells you that she is a monster and she tells you she is going to fuck you up, and she fucks you up, who is to blame? Even if the monster has a sweet and alluring demeanor, she is still a monster and she will do what monsters must do and you can't blame her for following her monster nature. And I suppose weak needy submissive men will do what weak men must do as well? Like moths to a flame.

Financial submission is taboo

I believe financial Domination is one of the last true taboo fetishes. In our capitalist society, there is so much pressure to get ahead and act like a greedy asshole and shaft everyone. You fucked-up FinDom freaks just dying to give away your hard earned cash for the slightest whisper of Female Supremacy are adorably rebellious. Who the Hell gets turned on by financially immolating himself for the amusement of a Goddess he will never meet? He he he.... you do! You can't explain why, but you do want to suffer for me, don't you? So funny.

Never call me a greedy bitch. I am neither. I am a smart, beautiful, predatory woman who enjoys taking money from weak men just because I can. I love having the power to take your money. The power to make you WANT to give me your money. To give and give and give.

FinDom fetish phone sex

Stop worrying about what MIGHT happen. Just call now. What WILL happen is we will have a great time together. You'll find me surprisingly easy to talk to. You'll find the joy of my attentive and curious mind to be addictive. And all too quickly you'll find yourself consumed by the desire to please me. That's a good thing.

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Mistress June, Phone Goddess

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