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You're Only Purpose In Life Is To Spoil ME!!

Spoiled Princess Sydney Snow

Have you been wandering around aimlessly wondering what the meaning of your life is? Well, look no further... you have found it. You have found ME! I will ignore you, make you feel like a complete idiot and still leave you wanting more. I'll tell you all the things I buy with your hard earned money. You need to know that this, everything, it is all about ME! It will always be just about ME! You are lucky to even have the opportunity to speak to me! etuer adipisci

I'll become your addiction, sucking the life and money out of you... yet you'll still continue to come back for more. You will BEG to worship me more.. and more... spinning into an endless cycle. You will give me all of you, everything you have, in hopes of just trying to make me happy. I will call you names, blackmail you, make you my servant and you will love it. I will constantly remind you that you will never be good enough for me... that no one else will ever compare to me. Bottom line... Remember This... You're worth all comes down to whether or not you please or satisfy me! You will be denied all things unless I see it fit to say