Phone Sex

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Teen. Older men should beg, obey and SPOIL.


I am young. Most of these other women are old. I have youth and beauty, I have soft skin. I am fresh, I am pure, I'm light and pink... I am a dream.
I am simply stunning, too sexy. I want you to call me and embarrass yourself. I want you to tell me stories in which I can judge you. I am an intelligent girl. I enjoy poetry and history. You, you make my dreams come true. Or I'll hang up.
I like to put on accents. I am curvy and have Arabian and Spanish features to die for. You will fund me. You will spoil me. You will seek to keep me interested.

When you call me I will be silent for one minute after introducing myself. THIS IS YOUR TIME TO IMPRESS ME. Why did you call? What do you have that I desire. I like money, jewels and fashion. I live the life of a Princess.

Interruptions. If you call and we are interrupted because you failed to have enough time in your account the call ends immediately. I do not have time to wait for you to add money to your account. Other ladies do. Call them.

Violations. If you attempt to chat about subject matter that is against the terms of service (TOS), two things will happen: 1. I will state very plainly that the topic is against the TOS and will promptly end the call. 2. I will report the incident to the appropriate entity.

BLOCKING. Aside from failing the Stress Test there are a few other ways to be blocked from my service. If you hang up. One does not hang up on a mistress. If the call lasts for less than one minute. Nothing can be accomplished in a minute. If the call is two minutes in length and you were less than extraordinary. Self-explanatory. If I do not like you, your fantasy or your attitude.