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Sexy Exotic Aussie Domme & Fetishist

I've been interested in alternative lifestyles and human sexuality for as long as I have been interested in sex. Despite my young age (20s) I have practiced BDSM professionally for several years now and am comfortable in my role as Mistress.

I am most interested in connecting with my boys' and leading them down the rabbit hole of submission. What submission looks like in each relationship can be very different and that's one of the things I love about practicing BDSM, you never know quite where you will end up when you begin this journey, the idea is both scary and exciting for many.

In addition to exploring my dominant nature both online and off I also have a strong interest in human fetish. I both fetishize certain clothing and footwear (such as lingerie including corsets and high-heeled, shiney boots). This is in addition to my fetish for latex, leather, PVC and the softer fabrics like satin.

I am aware that not everyone who comes to me wants to explore hard BDSM and would prefer to be dressed up like a pretty girl or to serve me while I'm dressed in a certain way.

This is one an example of the width and breath of BDSM for many people in that an interaction between myself and a sissy would look very different to an interaction between myself and a pain slut, although I enjoy both just as much.

So how do we know if we are a match then?

As my biggest interest is in fetish and dominance and submission (D/s) if your interests encompass one of these areas, we are likely going to match. The best way to find out how good of a match though is to call me and begin the journey.

Things to keep in mind when calling:

- The first phone call will be an introductory call only, meaning I won't participate in phone sex or phone domination on the first call. I do things this way because I want to practice more long-term connections with my boys'. I tend to set tasks after this call based on how this call goes if I think we are still a good match for one another.
- I have a strong sense of myself as a Mistress and will know myself if you are a good match for me. If you are not I will let you know and let you know where you should be looking for what you want, so even if we're not a good match this phone call could still be very valuable for you.
- I am a professional and have likely heard fantasies like yours before, so there is no reason to be uncomfortable talking about them.
- I'm a human and have a sense of humor, I'm likely to illicit giggles from you if you are shy, keep this in mind and try not to stress yourself out.
- I enjoy corrupting novices all the way through to experienced players. So don't be afraid to give me a call!

If you don't feel you're ready to submit yet, you're welcome to lurk on my twitter feed where you can find more out about me by reading my tweets and blog. Click on the blue bird below: