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Princess MJ

Will you play dress up with me???

I'm MJ , I like to think of myself as the greater good for man kind! I MEAN LOOK AT ME! I'm like candy to alot of you, I'm young and a bad girl. I wasn't always like this, I grew up an A student, and always did as I was told. But somewhere I lost my way, I guess it's because the new neighborhood we moved to. A LOT OF ADULTSTORES AND STRIP CLUBS, BESIDES MY EXBOYFRIEND said it would be a good experience for me! The good thing about it was that even if I didn't enjoy it, the old guys liked it more, and that got me paid!!! the more I looked sad I was able to get those bastards eating out the palm of my hand. YEAH YOU MIGHT CALL ME A SLUT, AND YOU WOULD BE RIGHT! I AM BUT ITS YOUR HUSBANDS, CUCKOLDS, SISSYBOYS, ALL OF YOU DROOL OVER ME..... EVERYTHING I SAY! YOU MIGHT WANT TO THINK THAT MJ IS JUST A INNOCENT GIRL, WHO DOES NOTHING WRONG... THINK AGAIN!!