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Musclebound Michelle

Sexy She Hulk Female Muscle Fantasies!

Phone Sex with Female Bodybuilder & Muscle Goddess Musclebound Michelle!
Do you have daydreams, fantasising about Jennifer Walters, aka: She Hulk, transforming and Hulking out into her muscular sexy green alter ego? Or maybe you think about the cute shy girl you work with in the office cube next to yours, the hidden power she possesses when she gets angry, or turned on?

The thought of this woman going through an erotic, sexy transformation as her body is ravaged by an uncontrollable force deep within her. As the transformation begins, You see her eyes turn a brilliant green, her once boring hair style become full and vibrantly healthy, lengthening as it also changes, becoming a deep shade of green, her skin tone changing from pale white to a beautiful, sexy emerald green, as veins begin to bulge glowing green and pumping gamma induced blood to her muscles... Then you notice her body changing, becoming more curvaceous and sexy, her dark green nipples becoming rock hard and pressing outwards as her breasts begin to grow... As you are in awe of this woman transforming, her curvaceous physique goes from fit and toned to muscular, and as seams begin ripping and threads are tearing, exposing more and more of her luscious muscular body, you watch as those muscles continue to be pumped full of power as her body is pushed past the limits of any normal human, larger than any female bodybuilder, as sexy, massive gamma engorged muscle erupts everywhere you look... her blouse continues to fail as massive breasts and beefy pecs pop the buttons violently, shredding her once small bra, forcing themselves outward into full view, her back widens, looking like giant muscular green wings as her arms are forced upwards and outwards, her biceps shredding the sleeves, as muscular, massive biceps and triceps pulse with power...

As her abs become a brick wall, and her legs become muscle engorged tree-truncks, her body completes the destruction of her clothing and she is standing before you in tatters, her hulked out, massive, sexy green body pulsing with strength and power, what happens next?
Flexing my big sexy green gamma induced She Hulk muscles!
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