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Divergent Diva


Divergent Diva

controversial; giving rise or likely to give rise to public disagreement. capitulate; to surrender under terms of an agreement. cunt; a profane way to describe a mean or disagreeable woman. concubine; a woman who cohabits with a man to whom she is not legally married, especially one regarded as socially or sexually subservient, mistress. consequences; the natural result from a preceding condition or action, the effect.
There once was a girl and she grew up to be a rebel, a true non-conformist. There were still far too many unanswered questions as far as she was concerned and by this arose doubt and rebellion. She was intrigued and fascinated with human sexuality from a very young age and saw the naked body as a truly exquisite work of art, not something to be ashamed of in any way. So by wherefore her rebellion stemmed from evolved into a whole new world far different from that of those around her thereby creating controversy in all aspects of her reality.
Growing up in a Christian/Catholic home in Iowa was the perfect place to do so in many ways but yet extenuating circumstances ended up causing her a life filled with as much pain as pleasure and she found herself lost and frustrated as her progress had plateaued and even derailed beyond her ability to cope at times. So she sought out understanding and connections with others who may also share in her pain and confusion but yet those who she saw something beautiful in beneath the surface, those whose souls spoke to her. She was and is superficial and appreciates beautiful people and is particular in her own way in choosing a lifemate, however her non-negotiables are geared more toward that of inner beauty but really a healthy combination of both is what she truly desires.
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Being the non-conformist diva that she is, she developed very specific vivid fantasies and found out later in life why she was such a nympho, it was cuz she has a rare orgasmic condition known as persistent genital arousal disorder, the ability to orgasm 30-150+ times per day. She had always been super sexual she just did not know any particular definition as to why and niteflirt seemed like such a great idea and it was, she LOVED it and found herself through her work, but she did not find out the definition for her insanity (PGAD) until she was 30, 5 years after starting on niteflirt. But one of her fantasies was to become enslaved/owned by her lover/husband. She would still have her freedoms of course but when she is truly in love there is nothing she craves more than an assertive man to make her cum by giving her all the things her subconscious craves.
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  • But she attempted to settle down too soon and before she was ready and before he had become an independent, self sustaining MAN, he was still just a boy in many ways and she was still just a girl but they loved each other. Through each other they found out what love was and because of their hard pasts in many ways they needed each other. But in all the ways that they needed each other was also all the ways that they fucked each other up, made them dependent on one another, hiding behind their issues, masking the pain, living in denial of who they truly are, living in depression and going nowhere but downhill fast.
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  • But when things weren't working out on many different levels she began to realize that her soul craved more than he could give her and that the choices she had made in her life were in fact nothing more than a subconscious search for her true soulmate. So when he found her, all hell broke lose and the girl was never the same again, destroyed, yet born again, he saved her in every way a person can be saved, gave her a chance to free herself from the chains that bound her to slavery instead of the freedom and the kind of life she truly wanted and deserved that she so imperviously worked against all the obstacles and roadblocks in her path, roadblocks that were meant to destroy her but she disintegrated them all like they were nothing, unphased she continued on until the day she knew true victory- happiness within herself.
    But the concubine consequences were severe and life altering and if she wasn't as tuff as she is she wouldn't have made it out, but lingering affects of the catastrophe still remain present in her life. When someone you love causes you pain of this magnitude is not easily forgotten or forgiven but with much effort, self exploration/analyzation as well as life modifications, a new life can begin.
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