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Welcome to my Sex Magick Ritual: First set a goal. What exactly do you want to achieve with your magick? Your goal can be any material attainment, like a new job, prosperity in business affairs, a pleasant house, whatever. Your goal can be the healing of yourself, another person, mother earth... Your intent can be improvement of an existing relationship or attraction of a new one. You may wish to (further) develop several qualities in yourself, or create an excellent artistic piece. You may wish to embrace the inner lover, and establish a stronger connection with your higher self. You may wish to charge an amulet, talisman, or magical tools, etc... Deeply desired wishes create the strongest magick! Then create something that makes it possible to laser-like concentrate on your goal/intent during the ritual. - This can be a short affirmation. During the ritual you can repeat the whole affirmation. Another possibility is to reduce this affirmation to a word that covers its central idea; this will be your magical word. Examples: the affirmation "I am a successful business(wo)man" becomes "Success". "I request the universe to send me the best possible lover, or partner" becomes "Lover" or "Partner". The idea behind it is that your subconsciousness now knows your full intent, therefore it is sufficient to only repeat your magical word during the ritual. - This can be a visualization of the new created reality. - It can be a drawing of what you want. - It can be a symbolic representation of your desire, like a suitable tarot card, rune, sigil, astrological or other symbol. - In case you do the ritual for someone else it can be helpful to also have a photograph of the person. - You can use a combination of the above. * Prepare your working space. Clean the space where the ritual will take place. Decorate it with candles, incense, flowers, gemstones or anything else you find appropriate. If you use symbols or other pictures make sure you can see them during the ritual. If you wish to play music, don't forget to put it on the repeat-button. Close the door and lay the phone off the hook. The Kiss, painting by Gustav Klimt * Clean your body. While bathing or showering you can visualize the water washing off all mental, emotional and physical dirt. * Relax for a while. Take some deep breaths or meditate a little. If you do magick with a partner you may want to sit opposite each other, hold hands and synchronize breathing or inhale while your partner exhales. * Do a banishment. It is very important to visualize a strong circle/globe of protection that keeps all unwanted spirits out, or do any other banishment you prefer, before you actually start the ritual. * Perform the ritual I know two 'main routes': one with emphasis on the affirmation/mantra/Word of Power, and one with emphasis on visualization. If you choose to work with an affirmation: Arouse yourself and/or your partner by any sexual activity you wish to use until you almost reach orgasm. Meanwhile keep on repeating the affirmation or mantra; you can say it out loud or repeat it silently. When you are at the brink of orgasm back off by stopping all genital stimulation, stopping all pelvic movements and relax the muscles in the pelvic floor. Breathe deeply and concentrate even more on your mantra. After a while build up more excitement, backing off again just before the point-of-no-return. This way you build up a great amount of sexual magical energy and deep erotic sensations; you may reach a state of sexual trance. After several times coming close you wish to sweep all of your intent into the universe; let orgasm happen and - here comes the most important part - keep on affirming during orgasm with full mental concentration, call out loud your magical word(s) and don't mind the neighbors! Take care: if you lose focus during orgasm, you will have had great sex but no magical ritual! Continue the ritual until both (or all) partners have reached orgasm. If you prefer working with a visualization: Start with visualizing very vividly the new reality; see yourself in the desired situation, feel your happiness about it, visualize it as bright and detailed as you can. If you work for somebody else, for instance in case of a healing, visualize their joy and enthusiasm in the new situation. When your visualization is complete to your idea, tell your mind that this is your focus, then mentally store it in your subconsciousness. Start making love with your partner or masturbating, no longer thinking about the visualization. At the brink of orgasm back off, recall your visualization and breathe your orgasmic energy in it. Continue the rhythm of arousal and backing off several times. Just before orgasm recall the visualization from your mind and breathe/channel your orgasm into it.