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Goddess Trin

$$$Empty your wallet to ME, paypig$$$

First of all, this is all about #1 ~ Me! - you don’t even count, you're just a fucking stepping stone, an object for use & another horny reject for me to exploit for my OWN personal amusement and financial gain! A tribute MUST be made UP FRONT BEFORE sessions. No excuses. If you are not serious, then do not waste my valuable time.
If you wish to wear my collar and be owned, then extensive training will take place before hand. I accept nothing but

from my boys, slaves and piggy’s!
I am your Commander, your Goddess... You will live to serve Me. You will spend all your money on Me because that’s what makes Me happy and that’s what I DESERVE!

You are here to cater to me & serve me ... That’s It! You are lucky you even get look at my pictures, or have the chance to hear my hot and sexy voice... I’m amazing, beautiful, exotic, tall, well-spoken, brilliant, have HUGE engorged tits, long legs & I am the most perfect & greedy Goddess - SO don’t ever forget…little men like you can be erased & replaced in the blink of an eye... you better be a good wallet, red carpet ass kisser for me because I won’t hesitate at any time to jam my 8 inch high heel straight up your ass and fire you!

Then I have a number of other ways that you can submit yourself... Clear out my Amazon wish list, buy my pictures & videos. I want to see how far you will go for Me...

Never say you would do anything for Me, I will test that statement to your breaking point!

so you will want to use your words wisely.

I discuss a range of topics. I am pretty much an anything goes Goddess. We WILL discuss your pathetic attempt at serving me, but we can discuss more dominating topics. I love SPH (Small Penis Humiliation), Financial Domination, JOI (Jerk Off Instructions), CEI (Cum Eating Instructions), Goddess Worship, Spanking, Smoking, Belly Worship, Belly Smothering, Breast Worship, Breast Smothering, Feminization, Sissification, Arm or Armpit Worship, Foot Worship, Foot Smothering and more various fetishes. I do enjoy, however, listening to your degrading, humiliating fetishes.
As a woman, I embody the living Goddess. I am the devious siren that calls to your instinctual need to worship at the feminine alter.

I have always managed to get what I want. I have a knack for wrapping men around My perfect little finger. I am extremely aware of My power over you. I know I am perfection; I am a high maintenance, ruthless, playful and dangerously seductive Goddess who will take your hard earned money because it amuses Me. whilst you get bogged down and suffer the daily drudgery life inflicts, I am elevated to My natural status. Goddess.
I know that you NEED to feel humbled and humiliated before me – I know your need to feel powerless before a beautiful demanding woman, and I use you like a pawn.

Your humiliation is my gain. Your intoxication and fascination with Me is my gain. Your need to worship is My gain. Your gain is fulfilling the destiny of your PATHETIC male chromosome and feeling happily

I understand the deeply rooted, dark desires that drive you to Me. My ruthless nature uses those desires to My advantage, allowing and enabling Me to seep into you, to intoxicate you – to make you POWERLESS before ME. The intense suffering you endure for Me will be exquisite. When you think you’ve done your best, I want you to try HARDER!