Phone Sex

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My Primary Source Of Income? Divorce!

I've always been good at keeping secrets... especially secrets that aren't mine to keep. You should think carefully before deciding to engage in any type of activities with me. You should think about what what you say to me, What words to select.

Some men crave a woman like me, a woman beyond the means of their wife and even their wallets. I know exactly where to place my hand, my lips, my tongue, my breasts, & even my legs. I know how to go deep inside your mind and learn everything about you, without you even realizing it.

First I seduce you physically. Second I seduce your mind and pull all your deep & dirty secrets out of you. Third after that, I decide if I ruin your job, your happy family, or whatever I decide to do.
Do I tell your secretary? Do I tell your wife? Maybe I'll even look up your old college professor that you hated and really tell them what you thought about them sexually.

All I know is that is you pay me and do what I want to keep me quiet and you do it exactly right. Your dirty little secrets including myself can actually disappear...

Let's explore our fantasies...

So call me and I can promise to show you a better time than my ex husband!
Also don't forget to pay your alimony tax below.
Girls like nice things too, you know?
Let's explore our fantasies...