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For Relationship & General Life Advice--Chat

Hi, I'm Gemma. Married, bi, poly, have a lady love (separate relationship). Since NF doesn’t have a Relationships or Advice category, I decided to create my own. Relationships could be with a partner (male or female), friends, family, neighbors, co workers, etc. It doesn’t have to be sexual & in fact, most of the issues we discuss won’t be. That’s why I also include, general life advice.

For a long time I’ve been focusing on bi & CD. One, I have friends of various orientations & gender identities. Two, most of those who contact me here are CD/and or bi. Those are still welcome, but, this listing is open to everyone. We could all use some suggestions, ideas, recommendations, etc.

I want to make it clear, I’m not a psychic. I will not be able to read your mind or foretell your future. Though, in many ways I may be like a therapist, I don’t have the degree, schooling, experience of one. I also am not a priest. Which means, if you confess a crime to me, I will report it to the authorities.

I would like for us to establish a rapport. I realize we won’t have the same connection that you do with your friends & family. However, I will be more straightforward with you than many of them would. I am direct, though, try to be diplomatic. I won’t tell you what I think you want to hear (I may be wrong about it anyway). I won’t agree with you unless that’s how I actually feel.

If you’re only seeking to talk about fantasies & fetishes, there are plenty of others on here for that. This is for topics of romance, home life, work, financial, health, hobbies/interests & such. If you’d prefer to communicate through message, I offer PTV (pay to view) message exchange. Starting at $1. Good for those of you who have a couple of hours, to send back to back, a few times a week.

Donate Toward Home--$5
Donate Toward Home--$10
Donate Toward Home--$25
Me in Bra & Panties--$1
Teaser Pic--$1
My Legs--$2
My Breasts--$2
My Butt--$3