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I'll be your little secret...wanna play? Cam?

Hey There, Where do I even begin? I've always done what I've been told to do...following the straight and narrow path, staying in school, working and making a good living. But none of this met, satisfied, or fulfilled any of the other urges I was having. Now I've found my outlet and I'm hoping you can help me out. I've always attracted the wrong guys. Ones who were interested in my mind and my opinions. Then when it came down to excitement in the bedroom, they just couldn't keep up. I needed a man to really dominate me, to make me his in every sexual way possible, filling me the way I needed to be filled. So here I am - wanting you to be my outlet. My background and expertise comes from all my pent up sexual energy released through nights alone with my toys - taking bigger and bigger as the years went by, experimenting with every part of my body, and seducing men I knew could keep up with me. What I want to offer you is whatever makes you rock solid and filled with lust because nothing turns me on more than a man who wants me to do whatever he desires. I get off on a man who is turned on from me meeting his every need. So will you let me meet yours? Get me away from my 9-5 corporate job, slip me out of my skirt and heels, and let me please you because nothing would please me more. Mmm, I'm already dripping. - Kelly Crimson