Phone Sex

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You will address me as Mistress Cocoa.
You know that you could never be with as hot of a girl as me.
I ignore little pussies like you who even think about approaching me.
I wear heels bigger than your dick.
You wish you were in my league.
You fantasize about making me happy.
Turning me on, making me wet.
Being able to taste my sweet pussy.
Being inside me.
But deep down you know that you will never be good enough.
You know your tiny cock could never satisfy me.
You know I only fuck men with big dicks. Men that can make me scream and come over and over again.
That doesn't stop your pathetic ass from lusting after me.
You'll do anything to make me happy.
Unfortunately for you, the only thing that would ever make me talk to you is if you payed me.
The only thing that makes me look twice at you is when you're emptying your wallet for me.
Call me and tell me how much you love it when I take your money.
Call and say thank you for letting you pay to hear my beautiful, sexy voice and ogle at my sexy body which you'll never ever get to touch.

**If I am not online, message me***