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Datura DiVine

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ATTENTION: !!You are required to email Me for permission to call!!

The rapture of acceptance, the arousing thrill of subjugation, the velvet grip of control. You've been searching it all for so long- yearning, struggling, submitting over and over and need more. Not more of the same, more than what you had. You realize that's what led you here.

A man like you needs to be trained, controlled and used, because he knows deep inside that it is his purpose in life.

Controlling and guiding My inferiors and being worshiped is Mine.

With hair amethyst-gold like a new dawn, entrancing green eyes, an adorable face, long legs and gorgeous accessories, I look like a doll, sweet and charming. Many men fall for My man-bait body and hypnotic voice…only to find that I am an avaricious occultist beneath My pretty, exotic exterior, and now they’re trapped, brainwashed, and enslaved physically, spiritually, and financially.

I love teasing men into a weak and mindless state, hypnotically altering their susceptible minds and breaking their ego through extreme intellectual manipulation and emotional abuse. And physically?…well I am intensely fond men who will REALLY 'beat their meat' for My amusement. My megalomania and arrogance are boundless, emboldened by My belief that men should be trained, enslaved, and emasculated for the betterment of the world.

I’m assertive, snobby, exacting, and self-serving— so in your terms, an intimidating bitch. It's obvious that a Woman like Myself can afford to be selective with the men she interacts with on here, so clearly you need to do everything you can to earn My attention. Nothing turns Me on more than My own power and success, so appeal to Me by making yourself an asset. I am completely honest; I only do what truly excites to Me, so if you come to Me with a delusional fantasy, expectation or misconception, I will waste no time in cutting you a reality check that you end up paying for~

You may already realize that there are certain psychological triggers that make your fetish for powerful, greedy Women completely overwhelming, but only now, as you are sitting there eagerly devouring every humiliating word, are you beginning to believe that there was always something more to it. Something deeper. Larger. You may have tried to convince yourself that it's 'just a fetish' but in fact, it's an inescapable part of who you are.

If you're a good boy, I may reveal the true nature of your compulsion to you.

Time is of the essence. Even while you're reading this, sand is running through that hourglass and it's never coming back. Wouldn't you rather stop wasting it? After all, every moment you spend not serving Me is a chance at relief you threw away.

As a strict Female Supremacist, I consider My ruthless Domination a form of purification, a rapid advancement in the evolution of males. Will you be burned by my flame or forged by it? That depends on what you offer.

Make it valuable, darling.

~My work is alchemy; transforming the filthy clay of man into the gold of wealth ...for Me~

* Mind Control * Hypnosis * Female Supremacy * Selective Feminization * Humiliation * Psyche Abuse * Ego Destruction * Emasculation * Population Control * Occult * Goddess Worship * Glamour Fetishes * Nylons * Shoe Fetish * Lipstick Fetish *

FLIRTS: I do not appreciate having My listings faved or having My content purchased w/o permission. Don't.

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