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Like I Care ~ Ignore Line

Did you want my attention? Well boo-hoo, you called the wrong line.

There are a million reasons to call me up, but one reason for me to ignore you: because I can. Rest assured, I'm on the other side of the line, doing whatever I want to be doing...which is anything but engage with you.

So confess, jerk it, listen it, whatever it is you do. But only call with the complete certainty that I will never give you the time of day.

Give yourself something useful to do while you're's not like you're doing anything else important

Audio Collection

Audio: Peeping the Panty Sniffer: I knew you were into panties, the more worn the better, but I hadn't thought that you'd be sneaking behind my back to get them! So you get caught, quite literally with your pants down...and now what?
Audio: Watch Your Filthy Mouth: I'm not only sadistic and powerful, I'm creative as well...and when you can't watch your tone around me, I'll make sure you remember how to keep that mouth clean. You'll be properly chastised after listening to this clip!
Audio: Measuring Up Challenge: There are many men who call me who willingly tell me how small their dicks are, but there are even more out there who are deficient and in denial about it. You can't argue with cold logical math, though! I'll show you where your deficiencies lie, and then I'll make you pay. Pull out a pencil and paper, and then your dick.
Audio: Just Give In: To delude anyone into thinking that you're anything but a loser is false advertising, and do you think that's fair? Let me convince you that you could do us all a favor by giving in to your desire.
Audio: You're Doing It Wrong: If all you've been doing is jerking-off as opposed to...well, really, anything else, your dick is probably mediocre at best by now. Just listen to me tell you why, it will make a lot more sense by the end.
Audio: Sissy's Humiliation: If you thought this road I was taking you down into becoming a sissy was a secret between you and me, this awakening might be a little unpleasant. My friends and I share everything, you know that. None of them have ever seen a sissy in action before though, and who would I be to deny them the opportunity...
Audio: Fuck Cuckolds: I may have already mentioned this, but I fucking hate cuckolds. In many different ways, but for a few particular reasons as well. Are you sure you're not the kind of cuckold I loathe the most? Buy this audio tape and find out.
Audio: Thinking Of Me: A day in the life of you probably involves circling back around to this website and my page, over and pathetic. Unless you offer me something, like your pain, humiliation, or money, I'm going to tell you exactly what I think of you.
Audio: What A Tease:I've been called a tease by some, and you know what? They're totally right. I know I'm a tease, why not be one when men are so stupid and easy to manipulate. And that's all they get anyways, because they could never handle the real thing.
Audio: Keep Clicking: There's rarely (never) an occasion when I'm nice to you, but now I'm really going to dig in and tell you what I think of this internet addiction you have. Just keep clicking, idiot, it only fuels my cruelty.
Audio: Hypnosis Induction: The soothing sound of my voice brings you under a trance, slowly but surely, and makes you even more weak and malleable. Listen to this clip over and over, and soon even the sound of my voice will take you under.
Audio: 3:30 of Afternoon Pleasure: Listen to the cutest little squeaks, moans, and sighs as I take a few moments for myself.
Audio: My Femdom Fantasy: Scorchingly hot audio of me explaining to you a scenario that has been swirling around my mind...and driving me a little bit wild.
Audio: Miss Jay's Protocol: I clearly, haughtily explain to you what my expectations are for any good slave that wants to approach me.
Audio: Chaste Slave's Humiliation: I've made you into my house-slave, and left you without release for so long that you feel like you're about to burst. Well, I'll let you out just this once, if you can do one thing for me...
Audio: Tired of your whining: I'm tired of hearing you whine and moan incessantly about your own needs, so I'm just going to tie you down and go tend to myself for now.
Audio: Strap-On Slut: As the resident house-slave, it's your task to go pick up the mail...and today your special treat arrived! Go on, open it up, and hope as well as you can that I'll use it on you later.
Audio: A Cuckold's Bet: Did you really think betting who could sleep with more people was a good idea? Either that was incredibly stupid, or just what you wanted...who knows?
Audio: Domestic Comforts: What a lovely home I've built, a refuge from the expectations of the world...out there, you're expected to be the man. But in here? Oh, how the tables turn.
CBTJerk-Off Challenge: I love making mens pain into a game! Let's see how you can last between stroking yourself and beating your balls; will you reach the finish line?
Audio: Outting You To Everyone: You were an idiot for sending me those incriminating photos of yourself, weren't you? You're probably regretting it now, but it's just a little too late...I'm already putting them up on my blog!