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Sexy Feet, You crave them don't you

Does this picture excite you? Did your heart rate increase? The idea of having a woman wearing a beautiful stiletto heel such as these and stepping on you makes you breathe hard doesn't it? Just the thought of the toe of the shoe pressing into your testicles while the heel slides into your ass makes you insane doesn't it? Lying on your back and having that same heel slide into your mouth for you suck and lick clean excites you. Or perhaps you want to remove her shoes so you can smell them while they're still warm. That luscious aroma of a sweaty foot mixed with fine leather. You want her to put her toes into your mouth so you can lick the sweat off of them. I understand you. I know why you feel this way and what compels you to sneak into friends closets when you're visiting them just to catch the slightest whiff. You dream about it. You fantasize about it. You long to have it done to you. But you can't tell anyone because they may think you're a freak. It's okay. I get it. It's time you picked up the phone and called me. The one person who understands your compulsion, your desire, your craving.

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