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Penny Powers

Politicians wife needs a release!!

The wife of a politician. Having to play the good girl during family events and when in public. A husband too wrapped up in his career. I am a very lonely housewife with a raging sexual appetite that needs to be unleashed.

Ive always wanted to masturbate with my husbands clothes, while he is in the shower. Get heated and squirt my wetness all over his tie. Then watch him on tv giving his political speech, knowing that my wetness is all over him, wetness caused by you! And only you and I know about it!

Or how about sitting at the back of the convention center during my husbands political speech, having you in my ear piece, talking nasty to me, my vibrating bullet deep within me. Your voice so overpowering that it takes every ounce of energy not to just scream with an epic orgasm right there in the middle of the entire room!

The times that I am always home alone. Oh the ideas! The ideas that could make housework more exciting and oh so naughty. The idea of you kissing the back of my neck or burying your head between my thighs as I am preparing his dinner. My on my knees trying to please and make you unload into my warm mouth, knowing that my husband could walk through that door at any moment. Knowing that when I greet him with a kiss, your load will be upon my lips.

I could go on and on, but why not just call me? Help me release years of sexual frustrations, help me be that bad girl I long to unleash due to years of having to play the proper good girl. Lets build naughty secrets together!

Everything is available. From innocent play to full blown domination. From any and every fetish known to man to the things that we thought no one else ever thought of.