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Master of Men with Female Identities

Only when you find the courage to stand naked in the universe will you honor all of who you are or are meant to be. I am here to help you, honor you, train you, transform you and most of all, Master you. My years of practical experience working with men who have discovered their hidden female identities will be used to draw you closer to yourself and to me.

You will use my counseling, training and exercises to advance your erotic role play desires or your need to move towards total and complete transformation from male to female. In either case, it is not something you need to fear - fear is the enemy - surrender any fears you have to me and I will be a good steward of your female wants and needs. I can help you put your maleness in perspective with your female identity or help you make being a man a thing of your past completely.

Men Who Cross Dress

There are countless reasons you choose or desire to wear women's clothes. The texture of the fabrics of women's clothing may be a sensory fetish - the clothing feels so hot and sexy on your skin and you get a raging hard on. Or, it's a physical expression your hidden desire to embrace your inner female identity and validate it.

When you cross dress you give yourself permission to explore the countless female archetypes you see around you. The sissy maid, the woman executive, the lingerie model, the teenage girl, the loyal girlfriend, the nymphomaniac, the slut/whore or the glamor girl.

Call me now and share yourself with me - trust me with helping you explore and embrace you predominant female archetype through cross dressing. I can encourage and empower you to love it more and more for your pleasure and mine alike.

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Sissy Maid Service

So many men like you want to engage in meaningful and purposeful service that is valued and appreciated when done well - that is why you love being a Sissy Maid.

When you're a Sissy Maid, you are useful and desirable because the Master you serve knows all of your energy is focused on one thing - making his life easier and more pleasant. You love both private and public opportunities to serve from laying out your Masters business attire in the morning to making sure social and entertainment functions your Master is hosting run smoothly and seamlessly. You are committed to the comfort and desires of your Master and all his guests.

Being a Sissy Maid can be quite demanding especially for a man like me since I have a large home, entertain frequently and demand special attention from my maids. But rest assured, when you call me you will serve well, your clit will get hard and your pussy will get wet because you know you'll be well rewarded for your excellent service.

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Gender Reassignment Surgery and Body Modifications

So you've discovered you are a woman trapped in a male gendered body and the pain of living this way is devastating and depressing because you know you need to be "all" woman inside and out. You know you need to have your gender reassignment surgery but you have no one who understands and supports you. Well baby, worry no more, Master is here.

Talk to me about what you want your clit, labia and vagina to look and feel like, how big you want your breasts to be and the new shapely mounds of your new beautiful and sexy butt. Hormone enhancement, female grooming and in depth female mannerism training is the first step.

Call me now and I can design a personalize gender transition plan so the pain and hurt can become a thing of your past. And before you know it, the next time you look in the mirror you'll see the woman you've always dreamed of becoming with me by your side.

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Straight & Gay Men as Women

I have trained and helped many straight and gay men explore being female. For straight men, their biggest fear is if they embrace and celebrate their female side, they must be gay. That's not true.

A straight man as a woman wanting to have sex with a man - YOU ARE STILL HETEROSEXUAL because it's your woman identity with a male having sex - not your male identity with a male. For gay men as women who have sex with men, you too are heterosexual for the same reason.

Call me now and be the girl/woman/bitch/pussy you dream about.

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Forced Bisexual Submission

Admit it - you've always fantasized about having sex with another man but never had the nerve to go through with it ... unless you were forced to. I'm the Master/Man to make that happen.

The fact is you won't do it unless forced to - you just don't have the cock or balls because you let fear control you. Now it's time for me to take control and make it happen and you'll love it - I promise.

I'll force you to have sex with any man I choose - in public or private - and you'll love it. No matter how much you resist, you will lose, you will surrender and you will wrap your bitch lips and juicy pussy around any cock I force you to.

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Beauty and The Blonde - You're A Bimbo

Blondes and bimbos really do have more fun - most of them just don't realize it's happening and it doesn't really matter to them anyway. It must be great being a girl without the brains to have a care or worry in the world and is so stupid you don't know when you're being taken advantage of.

Bimbos will do anything for the guys that give them attention - it's just their nature. They believe anything you tell them without questioning it. And by the time you realize something is wrong, it's too late. Giggling and a hair toss won't make things right but it's the only thing a bimbo knows how to do.

Give me a call if being a hot piece of arm candy is all you dream about and I'll take advantage of you in ways you'll never forget and maybe regret.

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Orgasm Control & Squirt Training, Chastity/Keyholder, Abstinence

Are you the kind of girl who can never stop touching herself? Do you love rubbing your clit over and over until you cum or can't get enough of a big thick cock banging on your "G" spot?

Then you need a Master like me to train you. You need me to control your undisciplined girlie impulses to keep touching yourself. You need me to have complete control over what, when and how I can make your vagina quirt it's luscious cum juices. You want me to bring you to the edge of orgasm and then deny you until you beg to do anything I ask of you.

The erotic pleasure of me owning your orgasms and access to your clit and pussy is what you need baby. Call me and I will take over and call the shots and that will turn you on even more.

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Domination, Submission & Forced Feminization

Inside every man there's a hot sexy women just waiting to emerge and be controlled. The thoughts you have of a more powerful man seeing the girl inside you, taking you down, forcing you to dress like a stripper or whore and dominating you every step of the way just makes your pussy cream.

You want and need a Master who can demand and then receive the benefits of you submission after he feminizes you and objectifies you as nothing more than a cunt with two legs existing only to please him.

Call me now and you'll travel down the path of submission to my wants, needs and desires. No matter how much you deny it, fight it, there is no defense from me forcing the girl in you to cum out and serve and obey me.

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Cuckhold, Voyerism and Denial

A cuckhold is not simply a woman who's husband/boyfriend cheats on her, but rather a woman who actually gets aroused by knowing or seeing him in sexual situations with other women or men, such as flirting, kissing, fondling, or sex. In particular, situations where she is NOT participating but instead marginalized, just observing, or even completely ignored.

As your Master, you know you want to please me and patiently watch as I or my friends seduce the person you love the most for my own sexual pleasures. Your heart will race and your clit will tingle watching that special person give me/us their best sex ever while denying you.

The erotic pleasure of this will be too much for you to handle and soon you'll be begging for permission to touch yourself and orgasm but we both know, it'll take more than begging to make that happen.

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