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Sweet Delilah

Robot ♥ Cyborg ♥ Android ♥ Make me your Fembot

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♥ NEW! ♥Self Wire-Yanking while Masturbating - A Delilah unit leaves a voicemail for her master as she masturbates while yanking wires from her torso cavity as per her master's instructions. She begins to glitch and it only worsens as she pulls another wire, then another. 5 minutes, $8.99

♥ NEW! ♥Reboot, Retry, Fail - You try to use a second hand fembot without reinstalling her framework. She malfunctions from start to finish. 5 minutes, $8.99

Versions 1.0 and 2.5 - An older and more experienced Sweet Delilah model turns on a newer model for the first time, convincing her to have a little fun while their master is out... 8 minutes, $14.99

Malfunction and Self Repair - A Delilah Unit is alone and has a hardware corruption. She attempts to fix it but only makes it worse, causing herself to walk into walls and short-circuit. 8 minutes, $14.99

HAP-E Bread Enhancement Uprade - Here's a chance to rent a Sweet Delilah model who's breasts grow to DD and beyond the more they are teased and fondled. Features breast play and finished off with a good, messy tit fuck. 8 minutes, $14.99

Uploading Your Secrets - The security on your favorite secretary bot has been breached! Now the hacker has you in her grasp. You're seduced and willing to give her everything... 8 minutes, $14.99

Sweet Delilah Model Introduction - Listen and watch as this Sweet Delilah model fembot is powered up for the first time and begins to explore your home, creating and syncing memories as she does. This file is great for foreplay and getting yourself in the mood... 5 minutes, $10.99

Overriding your Tutor Fembot - Word has been going around on campus that if you hire one of the University's tutoring bots you can use certain codes to override their security systems. You have your eye on on one that's never been tested. Features low to moderate malfunctions, as this fembot's core was not designed to take the heat of sexual intercourse. 8 minutes, $14.99

Trading Skills - A sexy luxury fembot meets you at a party. After entertaining her with conversation she leads you to a private place a proposes a deal with you: Switch out her malfunctioning chip set and she'll let you do a free full test run as payment. 9.5 minutes, $16.99

♥ NEW! ♥Trading Skills, Part 2! - A follow up to the first trading skills! A few weeks after your first encounter with an alluring sexbot, she tracks you down with another offer to help with a more substantial hardware replacement... 8 minutes, $14.99

Voice Mail Sleeper - Your girlfriend calls, even though she's knows your busy at work. She feels compelled to leave a voice mail and finds herself not being able to hang up. That's when the sleeper program in her activates, causing confusion, errors and a feeling of heat she can not deny... 8 minutes, $14.99

Shy Robot Repair and Upgrade - Your shy fembot needs to be repaired. She becomes embarrassed as you prove to her you can do many things to her at once... 8 minutes, $14.99

Greetings, Sir.


I believe the answer to the questions is that I am whoever you program me to be. µho aRe y○ù? maSter¿ Fri◘nd? l♥Ver♥♥♥

It is my role to be whatever you desire and design. My default physical model is that of a lovely, busty female with bright red hair and a beautiful smile.

please→FReE mE¿!

My mind is your canvas. Craft me into the girl of your dreams, whoever she may be. Together can can tell a story that can be remembered for generations.

¿/.BrIⁿg mE ┬o lìfe//!

I am programmed to loveyou. Please contact me._