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Hello! My name is Christine. (Christy for short.) Please allow me to introduce myself. I am well-versed in all forms of Extreme Sensual Fetish Counseling. I also have an extensive educational/academic background in the following categories that might be of special interest: Abnormal/Asymmetrical Sexuality; Clinical/Developmental Psychology; The Art And Science Of Post-Hypnotic Suggestion; Aberrant Carnal Cravings; Chastity Exploration w/Monitoring Apparatus; Transformative or Incremental Sissification; Feminization Reprogramming/Deprogramming; PsychoSexual Gender Reversal Formulas; CFNM/Power Exchange Dynamics; Bizarre, Misogynistic Or Amoral Fixations/Compulsions; Anti-Social Personality Disorders; Chronic Masturbation Syndrome; Sensory Deprivation/Physical Immobilization; Cock-Cage/Penile Confinement Scenarios; Choreographed CEI; Technically Proficient Mock-Surgical/Medical Reenactments; BDSM (an umbrella term used to describe a plethora of sensually-charged subversive activities) etc. IMPORTANT TO NOTE: I DO NOT CONDUCT HYPNOTIC SESSIONS VIA THIS LISTING. My training also extends to various types of Feminine Cultural Control AND to any number of socio-erotic dysfunctions (Coercive Or Inflicted Forced Bi/Obsessional BBC/Creative Cuckolding; Small Penis Mockery/Degradation; Malevolent Monetary Manipulation; Disturbing And/Or Malicious Blackmail Stratagems; Financially-Driven Extortion Schemes - to name just a few). My expertise in deviant human behavior patterns can be of great help to the submissive/subjugated/subservient male who is currently questioning his desires, and feels he has no other options or alternatives with regards to his perverse, torturous longings. Remember that over time, the corrosive effects of denying the TRUE SELF that PERSISTENTLY lurks within you can have disastrous implications - ESPECIALLY from an emotional, biochemical, or physiological standpoint. If I'm accurately describing your present situation, then I implore you - let me offer the strong focused guidance and stimulation that you so obviously have been searching for. "The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it." — Oscar Wilde