Phone Sex

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Hey I’m Ashley, very sweet innocent, very easy to talk to. I'm the kind of girl who has always loved dirty talk! I grew up around folks that looked at it as a way of life. I have to say I love it all. I really like the gang bangs! Being with multiple partners, women and men! I’m like a young girl at a candy store. I explored so many forbidden ways of sex and I always looking for new ways of being amazed. But I have to say I have found a new THIRST, YOU MIGHT WANT TO SAY FETISH.......... It gets my naughty spot wet just thinking about it.

I guess it started when I went into work a couple of years ago, it was my first job. I never got a chance to start! I can’t say the name of the business because till this day he is still paying me off. Anyway to tell a brief story I went in the store from no answer, and it brought me to laughing so hard,into tears it was so funny. My boss was dressed in women clothes on his knees sucking on one of his employees/janitor. I couldn’t move!

He didn’t see me at first, but the janitor did! He had sucked a grin on his face while his large black cock was going into my employer’s mouth. The more I looked the harder he fucked him! I don’t know but the dominance this black stranger had on my employer was a big turn on. So I went closer and that’s when my employer looked at me, and I began to walk away. The janitor responded to me and said “HEY! WHITE GIRL! USE THIS SISSY BITCH TO GET WHAT YOU WANT! I DO”.

The employer was begging me not to say anything while he was kissing my shoe like I was a QUEEN! I’M SURE YOU KNOW THE REST...........THAT THE FETISH BECAME DOMINATION! GETTING MEN TO DO WHAT I WANTED; DENIALS ON ORGASMS IF THEY DID NOT DO WHAT I WANTED. WATCHING YOU GET A WOODY OVER ME. You know it’s funny, because some of you men really can’t help what you do! It’s like a man that is dying to be a woman. You crave it so much that it gets you in all kinds of trouble. I can’t help but laugh! I’m so addictive! If you could purchase me at a store, you would.