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I am Queen Sheba! I am your GREATEST Ebony fantasy come true! I will make ANY man submit. Once I'm done raping your mind, I will leave you trying to figure out, "How can I please Queen Sheba today?" Be it fetish, fantasy, or anything goes, you WILL be pleased. Once I get inside your head, and your heart, I will own you and leave you wanting more! As my Sub, I will: Protect, Teach and Love you. Oh, don't get it twisted; YOU WILL RESPECT ME!! When I am pleased, and ONLY when I am pleased; will you be rewarded for a job well done. Piss me off or disobey me, and the punishment will be swift and stern. I am NOT to be toyed with! I don't NEED you as my Sub, I WANT you as my Sub! Ex: The smoke-filled night club is hot. The sweat- filled windows and walls envelope the patrons, as they scramble to the dance floor for the last dance of the night. I stand up, tight red dress clinging to my body. My plunging V-neck expose my sweaty breasts, and my bra does little to hide my erect nipples. Slowly, I make my way towards you. You take me in with each step. From my black lace pantyhose, down to the red nail polish peeking through my 4" patent leather pumps; you become more erect the closer I get. Leaning into your ear, my ruby red lips whisper softly "You belong to me!" Without hesitation, you get up and follow me out. We arrive at my place, where we participate in a cleaning ritual. You are not allowed to move as I soap, rinse and roughly rub you so that you are clean enough for the Queen. I pay special attention to your dick and balls. All the while telling you what a bitch you are, how you have failed me, and how your body belongs to me, to do with what I want. "Isn't that right?" "No," you answer. I then grab your..... Call me now so that we can complete this scene or, fulfill one of your deepest fantasies! Either way, you won't be disappointed!