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Mutually Messy Mental Masturbation

Meet Dolly Darkness

I am a friendly outgoing girl who loves new adventures and meeting new people. Full figured but firm and luscious, I'm far more than a pretty face with big tits and a round ass, I also have a brain and I know how to use it. This girl knows how to stroke more than just your cock with her velvety tongue.

But you knew that the second you saw me didn't you?

I could tell that you had me targeted as soon as you moved towards me. The smooth confident walk of a man who knows what he wants. Your eyes have given you away though, you can't stop staring at my chest.

You want to see me naked, you want to cup my breasts and tease my nipples with your tongue. Right now you are imagining yourself running your hands across my smooth round hips. I can see all of that in your eyes, and more... so much more.

The things you want to do to me! Oh! Mmmmm....

Can you see my chest rising and falling a bit faster now? If you listen closely perhaps you will even hear my heart rate increasing. There is no way for me to hide it, I want you too. I want you so badly I can hardly contain myself as I take you by the hand and we wander off together in search of somewhere private.

Where do we go from here?

I can't wait for you to help me finish this story...  

An orgasm without a real connection is like fast food, it leaves you feeling full but far from satisfied. That's fine for those other slobs, but not you Sir, you are a gourmet.

How shall we proceed?