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Exhausted, feeling anxious, lost, at a crossroads?
Codependent or attracting codependents?
Do you have a problem or question about your sexuality?
Has your partner made a request for something you cannot perform, or visa-versa?
Are you submissive, dominating, enjoy a certain fetish that you want to explore?
Do you need someone to share your concerns with? Maybe just someone who will listen, while you share your thoughts?
I can help!
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Sexuality is a subject many find difficult to talk about. I am non-judgmental, open and honest and have been helping people for many years. I help with all problem areas of relationships; such as sexual dysfunction, fetishes, gender issues, behavior concerns, emotional blocks, infidelity, trust issues, and so much more.
If your sexual thoughts are becoming out of control, wondering about "Same Sex Partners", or considering exploring new areas of your own sexuality and would like to have someone to talk with about these or other issues or concerns, call me. If you have feelings of: