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I enjoy being worshiped. I get off on control. I particularly enjoy impoverishing subs, controlling their finances and being spoiled. I have expensive tastes and the only thing more pleasurable than enjoying a fine cigar or bespoke suit is knowing that a sub has paid for it - if this means that they have had to go without then so much the better

I love the idea of you suffering so that I may enjoy myself. The greater your suffering and the more indulgent, frivolous or non-essential my pleasure the better.

I'm something of a dandy. The thought of lounging in silk in a well-heated apartment while you forgo heating this month just so that I may enjoy, say, a stupidly over-priced box of truffles is delicious.

Although I appreciate all subs and modes of submission from the regular tithe paying slave to the fly-by-night buy something once off my wishlist type, I have a particular fantasy about bankrupting a slave: complete ruination. If this is you please contact me, we have lots to talk about.

Apart from findom I also enjoy boot and foot worship, orgasm control, forced intoxication, blackmail, humiliation, and really far too many other activities to mention here.

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