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American Geisha

Cuckolded by an Eccentric Woman.

I am not some bratty little girl who struts around in sexy clothes and lives for parties and trips to the mall.

What I am is a very eccentric woman who has always lived her life on her own terms. I am beautiful, talented, and above all, intelligent. I am not a trophy, but rather a treasure.

I'm the type of woman that men love to brag about being in a relationship with. I have a wide variety of interests and can keep you entertained with conversation for hours on end. My adventures and accomplishments are indeed real and they are certainly out of the realm of the ordinary. No one mistakes me for being some cute little gold-digger who is just bamboozling you out of your money in exchange for a romp in the bedroom. I take great pride in being both classy and discreet in public.

Of course, you and I both know the truth. I out-class you by miles and you simply just cannot compete with the real men in my life. I find you boring and unattractive, and I have no interest whatsoever in having sex with you. You are just honored that I'd allow you speak of me to your friends as though I were yours. You love to show them photos of me with the various gifts you've given me to prove yourself as being a worthy man. Because that fools them into believing that you are more than just a pathetic little slug, doesn't it?

What am I really doing while you are boasting to your buddies about your glamorous woman? I'm sincerely enjoying the company of other men. Men who I find genuinely appealing. Men who know exactly what stimulates me. Men who enjoy my more private talents that you can only dream of. Men who will introduce me to some new sexual experiences and pastimes.

I know your secret. It turns you on to know that I'm quite occupied with my lovers. You ask me to tell you about my private adventures and I am not shy about the details. You know that I'll never touch you, but to hear about what I do with other men gives you good reason to touch yourself. You'll go so far as to buy me special gifts that you know my lovers will enjoy just so you can feel involved in the affair. Perhaps you'll even ask me to arrange for you to listen in when I have one of my lovers come over to play.

You want to see more pictures of me? I believe that I've told you that I am very discreet in public. I don't have boudoir photographs of myself taken just to be treated like a vending machine that anyone can slip a few dollars into. I only send photos to those who have proven themselves to at least be worthy of the time it takes me to have them done.

You can start by sending me a nice present. Maybe something nice to wear for a date with someone other than you...