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Mz Lisas

Mz Lisa's House of Correction $1.75 intro rate!

Welcome to My "House of Correction". you are here because someone in your life desided you needed an intervention. They told you "It's either sign yourself into My facility, or else"!

Wives send their husband here when they find they have been cheating, drinking too much, or abusing them in some other way. It's either a stay HERE or a costly, messy divorce.

An otherwise valued employee who sexually harrasses fellow workers in the office comes here or looses his job and possibly faces prossicution. Here we will show you what it is like to be treated like a piece of meat.

Or perhaps that girl you fucked while she was passed out wanted revenge, but didn't want the embarrassment of a trial.

Is cronic masterbation a problem? It won't be after a week of aversion theropy. And if that doesn't work I have a "final" solution.

Perhaps you need to quit smoking. When you see what I do with lit cigarettes and cigars you will understand why I am able to get decade long smokers to quit and with the fear of being returned here, never even wanting to start again.

I also work with women who no longer want to fuck their husbands, but want to keep them around a sissy maids, cleaning the house, fluffing lovers and being forced to watch while the wife has sex with everyone but the husband.

And then there is actual body modification. The surgical room is well equiped and after years of ... experimentation I have found I can make any number of alterations. Cuting here, burning there. Temporary or perminent, depending on the situation.

The first step is to sign the contract that will give Us total control over you. After that you will be evaluated and a plan of *treatment* will be worked up and implimented.