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Bonjour. I am Manon Amere, the Forceful Fashionista.

I provide a unique learning opportunity for cross dressers, special girls, as well as naughty boys with disciplinary problems.
My areas of Interest:
*Sissie training
*Cross Dressers in dire need of a make-over
*Transexual Girls learning to love and accentuate their beautiful faces and bodies
*Pig training for filthy degenerates
*Service training
*Hard Discipline
*Interrogation and imprisonment

Every student is special. In order to help them grow, I create a custom curriculum, based on their specific needs. The class sessions are tailor made to enable My students to reach their full potential, in the hands of a skilled, Sadistic, yet caring Mistress.
All activities are guided by Me, and I use a variety of skills, including Strict Discipline, to enable My pupils to grow into the sweet sissies, and the well behaved gents they long to be.

As a Truly Sadistic Mistress AND Humiliatrix, I take great PLEASURE in administering corporal punishment, as well as verbal abuse, and forcing boys with severe issues to degrade themselves for My amusement. Yet, I do this knowing that with each slap of My hand, I am helping them embrace their true nature.