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Hiya my name is Rikki. I’m 18 blonde, 5’6 and 106 lbs of pure fun *giggling*. I live in south west PA in a lil town called Washington. GO STEELERS!! (in my cheering voice) *giggles* and no I’m not a die hard steeler fan and NO I NEVER met Ben Roethlisberger in a college bar.. *snickering*. I’m a kinda upfront in your face kinda girl. I will give you my opinion if you want it or not. But that’s just me, some people are ok with honesty and well others think I’m a lil bitch. But once you get to know me you will love me. I have lots of friends and love to go out. I love to party but what teen don’t? I’m sure you all did the same thing when you were my age. Mostly I go to my friends houses, being that I can’t “legally” drink in public …lol not saying i haven’t got guys to buy me drinks. I like to wear revealing outfits on the rare occasions I do go out and sometimes guys think I’m older then I really am. I love it when guys fall all over me and want to do anything for me. I know that makes me a tease, right?? but hey I’m young and having fun and I LOVE all the attention.

You could say I’m a lil spoiled too… My dad made sure I had everything I ever wanted growing up. I wanted to move out after high school and he bought me this house I am living in now… I Love My Life!!! I graduated last year and like I tell everyone else, “No I don’t know what I want to do with my life just yet!!”. “No I am not in college!!” I have some time yet to decide what I wanna be when I grow up *giggling*.

When I’m not hanging out with my friends partying or being a brat, I like to text and instant message with my friends normal teenage things. My cell phone is not a mobile device, it’s an extension of me *giggling*. And I like to spend time with my lil baby girl Isabella (my shih tzu). I love her to pieces and she will always be loyal, not like some of those other dogs out there (men) *snickers*. Wow that probably makes me sound a lil jaded?? huh? oh well. I like going for walks too, swimming and tanning. I do watch some sports hockey, basketball and football. I try to play online poker but usually end up busting out *giggles*. But hey I have fun and that’s all that counts. I am pretty easy to get along with once you get past my brutal honesty.