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I'll transform into anything you want me to!

Hi! I'm Fiona, but you can call me whatever you want. I'm usually at home, bored, fingering myself dreaming of all of the things someone could turn me into... I just want someone to control my mind and body, and tell me what to become. Do you want me to become a sex crazed bimbo? That's like, totally an awesome idea. Drop the IQ some? Maybe sum cum for fio-na? Pwease? I luv yr cum :) Do you want me to be a lazy fatass with no self control? A chick with a dick? A cheating trophy wife? Aging until I'm older than our ages combined? Regressing until I'm an 18 year old high schooler? Anything goes. If you want me to become it, I will. My body and mind are in your hands, now. Will you seize this opportunity and turn me into the literal object of your desire?