Phone Sex

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Sensual, Sweet, but Supremely In Charge Amazon

Imagine waiting for me, in your hotel room, all alone.

The curtains are drawn, the bed is made, everything is spotless and ready for my arrival. You tap your fingertips against the desktop. You check your phone again, wishing impatiently for my call.

It rings! You pick up, perhaps too quickly, and are rewarded with my voice. Yes, I just parked, and what was your room number again? I'll see you soon, I purr, and then hang up. You start to tremble.

A knock on the door, and I'm here. You can't quite believe your eyes. Black stiletto heels, stockings with perfectly straight seams, a tight pencil skirt, my blouse unbuttoned perhaps one button too far. I look at you over the tops of my stylish glasses, and you quickly back up onto the bed.

Some soft, sexy jazz and a glass of wine help to calm your nerves, but as I quiet our conversation and move your tie from around your neck to cover your pleading eyes, you realize just what you've gotten yourself into.

My name is Jolene. I'm a tall, muscular yet feminine Amazon goddess, with long red hair, milky pale skin, and evil green eyes. I sometimes have natural body hair, but other times shave, depending on my whims. I enjoy teasing, tantalizing, and torturing gentlemen who understand the exquisite pleasure of worship and denial.

My domination is playful, sensual, yet psychologically intense. I prefer to control you not with heavy bondage or pain, but with the tip of my finger and a stern glance. I can be aloof and icy, or bratty and mean, depending on how we want to play.

A list of kinks and fetishes that I especially enjoy:
  • Foot, leg, and hand fetish
  • Amazon/giantess
  • Strap-on/prostate exploration
  • Tease and denial
  • Goddess worship (full body)
  • Sensual dominance and submission
  • Role play (professor and student, nurse and patient, lost hiker and forest sprite..)
  • Smothering/crushing/trampling
  • Food/eating play
  • Smoking fetish
  • High heels, boots, pointe shoes, and other specialty footwear
  • Lingerie, corsets, seamed stockings
  • Feminization/sissy dress-up
  • Servitude

Please note: although I switch on occasion, I am not a pro-sub. I expect to be in charge.

I am available by phone daytime and evening; I do not yet have any scheduled hours. Please send me a message in order to schedule a phone session.