Phone Sex

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Welcome to MY world bitches !!!
Let's start with this, I am a Financial Domme. I believe that your expendable finances are better off being given to me to support MY lifestyle. That does not mean that I want to make you homeless, jobless, or bankrupt. That wouldn't benefit me at all. I just believe that all men are worthless and should pay up for their lack of superiority.

Five Star Free Image Hosting You're a loser. I know it, you know it. You're not worthy of entering ANY woman's temple. You're a piece of shit that deserves NOTHING! Have your credit cards out and ready when calling me.
Your money, it was mine from the beginning. But don't worry, I know how to spend it, buying new sex toys to make up for your lack of a real dick to fuck me with, days at the salon to try to de-stress from the knowledge of your existence, and trips to the casino with my girls because I can!!! Doesn't matter it's all going to be mine. I have a no limit sadistic mind that wants to go to places once thought unreachable.
That being said, I will be called Goddess, Princess, or Miss Jenn. To the outside world, I seem like your typical pretty girl next door. Underneath it all, I know that everything I do is amazing, perfect, and meaningful. This is the complete opposite for you potential pay slaves out there. You deserve nothing. How you're breathing is a complete mystery to me. Since you are here, make yourself useful and be my foot rest, pay check, and play toy. You're a miserable waste of space and need to be told so. This is were I come into play. All you pathetic pansies that have no one to tell your secrets to, I'll listen to them.
Five Star Free Image Hosting I have an addicting personality that will leave you begging for more. You and I both know that you'll never have someone as amazing as me even give you a second look.
You're scum beneath my heel. I have a filthy mouth and a sadistic mind. I love making my camera sluts do ridiculous degrading activities. Maybe I'll have you dancing like a monkey while in your wife's panties one night. The next you'll be searching your fridge to shove something of MY liking deep into your ass. If you're lucky, I'll have you squealing like the little pay piggy you are on the floor begging for more of while I sit there ignoring you.
What happens depends on my mood and my mood is affected by what you give me. I am very greedy and always want more.