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Authentic, devious, destructive and DELICIOUS!

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Here's what you need to know about me: My name is Miss Berlin. I am 5’4 with long brunette hair, gray eyes and incredible DD tits. I can be nice to those who earn it... or I can be one cruel bitch.

I am Miss Berlin--smart, gorgeous, sensual, articulate and utterly devious. I will turn you into the sissy pouf you've always known you were, the pathetic, cum licking cuck who loves hearing me talk about the big black cock that goes inside me every night. If you're lucky, I'll even send you pictures of it. Maybe you just have a tiny penis and desperately need me to laugh at it just so you can get off. Or maybe you've just been waiting for me to teach you how how to stretch your asspussy wide enough to fit every truck driver and construction worker in a 100 mile radius and become the kind of world-class cock sucker that would make a mistress proud. Whatever your disgusting, pervy fantasy is, you know I will indulge you.

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Just look at me. Need I say more??

Here's what I already know about you: you are a roach under the heel of my shoe. You are a loser who doesn't deserve my time. If I didn't truly get off on humiliating you and feel so fucking sorry for you, I wouldn't even bother.

I mean look at you. Here you are, already getting a boner thinking about how much you'd like to slip your pathetic little prick between my perfect tits. And you have to pay just to pretend. Hahaha.

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Ever had a woman like me? Of course you haven't, you fucks. I know you are just dying to find out what kinds of psychotic shit I will make you do. You already can't wait to give me control over when your sad little dick gets to squirt. I will make you feel like the sissy bitchboy you are.

I'm a ruthless cocktease. Be prepared to beg, worship and pray.

There are too many women who pretend to be mistresses. They ONLY care about the money and don't take any real pleasure in making pitiful little fucks suffer. Don't be mistaken. I care about your money. It's all you are worth to me. But that doesn't mean I don't really, really, really love the process of taking it from you. And you will love giving it to me. Why? Because it was mine all along!

If you have specific requests for fantasies/scenarios you would like to play out or experience, feel free to message me before you call so I can prepare.

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