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Authentic, devious, destructive and DELICIOUS!

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I am Miss Berlin--smart, gorgeous, sensual, articulate and utterly devious:

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You are here because women like me obsess you. You have seen Me in the places you could never hope to belong: casually browsing the crystalline counters at Barny’s, laughing in the center of a posh party, dining at the best table of a new, trendy restaurant, lounging on the shell-white shores of Santorini. My life is exciting and eclectic. Compared with Me, your life is a dull, bromidic purgatory that can only be lit by the glittering superfluity of my diamond-shine world. I do not have to take or ask, it is simply given to Me by privilege of My beauty, class, intellect and natural influence. I do not dominate because I have to, I dominate because, like whatever else I do, I simply can.

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Just look at me. Need I say more??

I am a 100% real life Domme who has REAL submissives. As a young girl, I found it quite easy to emasculate the boys in my class simply by being more intelligent and competent. As an adult, I’ve turned it into an art. I make men into sissies, servants, helpless drones who live to know their place. I do not like to approach Domination as a performance put on for a client, but as an obvious means of enhancing My access comfort and luxury. Since I was old enough to wear make up, men have come to Me and begged to be used by Me. Being fully confident in My own superior position, like a true Mistress overseeing her estate, I have no problem inflicting extreme physical punishments in order to keep My chattel in line.

I encourage you to email me in advance to make sure that I am available and work out any scenarios you would like to explore.

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I'm a ruthless cocktease. Be prepared to beg, worship and pray.