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Victoria von Vixen

PRO Domme/Certified HYPNOTIST (hot n sexy on cam)

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Goddess Victoria of NYC/DC/Miami has been featured in National Publications and Online Videos (click BANNER above), as well as Fetish and BDSM Conferences. She is the original Russian Hypno-Domme of DC and is also the certified hypnotist to MAKE you do whatever She wills. Call to learn more about Her and Her Services. Her Russian accent alone is to die for...

Enter the realm of the Goddess, Victoria von Vixen. All are welcome here to gaze upon my beauty and grovel at my feet. Goddess Victoria is experienced in all forms of pleasurable pain and psychological deconstruction. She is a highly acclaimed hypnotist and has been certified by one of the Best Hypnosis Schools in America.

Goddess Victoria is majestic and beautiful, sophisticated and intelligent with a great commanding presence. Goddess Victoria is an exceptional 5'9" and 125 lbs. with the perfect measurements of 34C-24-35. Don't be fooled, though. The Goddess is adept at wickedly sensual or exquisitely cruel administrations. Submit now as thinking for yourself is not an option.
She has now been named
"Miami's Most Sophisticated and Cruel, Hypnotic Dominatrix"

  • Recreational Hypnosis (erotic and past life)
  • Fractionation (taking you in and out of trance repeatedly)
  • Pyramiding (repeated trance induction without emerging)
  • Hypnosis Without Trance (covert persuasion, conditioning, and NLP)
  • Post-Hypnotic Suggestion (trigger implantation)
  • Hypnotic Hallucinations (seeing and FEELING something that is not there)
  • Hypnotic Fantasy (I lead you through an hypnotically enhanced, sexual experience - vanilla or deviant)
  • Personality Transformation (you are turned into the opposite sex, slut, slave, whore, cuck, etc.)
  • Hypnotic Financial Control and Persuasion (CAUTION! Staring below will cause you to call ME!)
Want to see if you are ready for hypnosis? This video is for you! This is a hypnosis conditioning video that prepares you for mental relaxation and concentration. These are two of the most important things needed to have a good session. This video has no post-hypnotic suggestions, it is just going to relax you physically and mentally and make you completely refreshed. After following it, you will for sure have a great session with Me!
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Sensual Domination
Corporal Punishment, in all its forms
Restrictive Bondage
Electro Play
Needle Play
Fire Play
Bondage Massage
Slut Training
Sissy Training
Fantasy Role-play
Foot and Body Worship
Humiliation - verbal and physical / public and private
Teasing and Denial
Most Fetishes (smoking, foot, tickle, etc.)
Puppy Training
Ball Busting and Kicking
Nipple Torture
Strap-On Play
Face Slapping
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Do you want to see a real hypnosis session?
Very few have been privileged enough to see Me in person...

I love making love to the camera! I did it in this Uber ride and he was sweating when I go out. Poor boy will never know who he had in his car...
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This guy starts off with a little innocent hypnosis role playing, but he does not know that I am a REAL hypnotist! He is told to spank himself, suck on a dildo as if it were real, think he was hung to the floor and more! At the end (and wow, what an ending!) he is told through hypnosis to have the best anal of his life and an even better orgasm! With hypnosis, this guy goes absolutely insane during his anal session and then EXPLODES during his climax. He said afterwards that he has never done anything like that in his entire can be sure that I own him now :-) (34 minutes $20)
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Is it possible to hypnotize someone with a BIG PINK DILDO? Yes! Goddess does an unusual combination of strap-on hypnosis. This little sub succumbs before he has realized it...too bad he already gave tribute. Fortunately for you, you can imagine it is you there on the table and go under hypnosis with the Goddess over and over again. (19 minutes $14)
Hot guy, Hot Domme, Electro Hypno Fun!

Once again I convince a sub to try out hypnosis and then I just have My way with him! I really get into the fun stuff with My electro-wand. You think that is enough? Then I put in a sound and touch the wand to it! He loved it! But only because that was the hypnotic programming. I am so into the creative aspect and you can really see what it can do with you in this video. (49 minutes $30)
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Erotic Hypnotic Guidance into Submission

Click the image and listen to Me everytime you want to release your mind AND your sexual body. This mp3 goes at a moderate pace and is intended for those who enjoy trance enhancement. Once you fall into the state, you WILL belong to ME.
Hypno-Eroticism with Addition Triggers and Release mp3

This is for all you brainwash junkies out there! Get this mp3 and you WILL BE MINE. CAUTION: There is addiction in here mixed with suggested tributes and total brainwashing through erotic control. Be tempted.