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English Princess's Cuckold Loser Humiliation Line!

"Cuckolds From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Cuckold historically referred to a husband with an adulterous wife and is still often used with this meaning. Since the 1990s, the term has also been widely used to refer to a sexual fetish in which the fetishist is stimulated by their committed partner choosing to have sex with someone else" want to cam with me via SKYPE?

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want to cam with me via SKYPE?

A cuckold is a very particular kind of loser. He accepts that he is too ugly/fat/bald/small cocked/useless to please a woman sexually. He also accepts women are above him and even being in their presence is a blessing. He not only accepts his fate he embraces it! he sits back and lets his woman fuck whomever she damn pleases. He rarely gets any pleasure from her physically as he disgusts her in every way. I love hearing all about you sad pathetic cucks out there getting used and abused. Listed below are the services I provide listed around cuckolding

[:)] Virtual Cuckolding - I am your virtual girlfriend I can either discuss in great detail what guys I am fucking whilst Im with you

[:)] Third Party Cuckolding - Maybe you are a cuckold now and you want to tell someone your humiliating secret? maybe you are calling me whilst your owner is in another room getting fucked as we speak? or maybe you want your current partner to start cuckolding you so you want advice on how to get her on it?

As you will know from my profile introduction I hate men! I know I am above them and they should worship me! I actually only hate about 80% of men 24/7. There are a select few that I hate most of the time except when they are filling all my juicy holes with their big cocks! So I've decided I love talking about having a cuckold boyfriend (eventually husband) . In a nutshell a cuck is a man that accepts and embraces the fact that eventhough to the outside world their woman seems to be their wife/gf etc to all their friends and family. She is expected to be loving, loyal and monogamous. She is actually fucking anything and everything she can whilst he waits at home hard and horny. He knows his small cock will never please her so he selflessly devotes himself to looking after her in every other way. Thats what I want/need! some pathetic rich loser that will cook, clean, buy me everything I want, pay all our bills but accepts I will NEVER fuck his sorry ass! He will buy me the sexiest smallest dresses for me to go out in to attract 6ft blackmen with 10 inch cocks. He will sit at home waiting patiently knowing I am getting fucked in every which way possible. He will obediently welcome me home and lick my cum stained cunt clean before I administer him with a milking (causing him to ejaculate without no pleasure release 'orgasm') and go to bed (he'll sleep on the floor in my room if hes lucky) Youre probably thinking "why the fuck would I agree to that!?" well its simple. You get to tell the world youre WiTH me! on the outside youll seem like youve pulled a trophy. No one will know your shameful little secret! you also get to provide me with nice things that I deserve and need! youll get to see me everyday and worship me fully.

gd luck xx

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If you have a cock that is less than 7 inches then to me it is invisible, infact its invisible not only to me but to most women. I mean seriously? how the hell is 5 inches going to satisfy anyone?

Maybe youre just a ugly fucking freak or a secret fag? who knows? whatever your shameful humiliating secret is princess WILL find it out and she will ridicule you ferociously until you cry like the little bitch you are!

the way you overcome your embarassment and shame is by turning into into your pathetic sexual need. You NEED a beautiful sexual princess like myself to laugh at you, you need me to compare you to bigger cocks or normal guys and to suggest you could NEVER satisfy me. You need to do all this whilst you wank it pathetically between your thumb and finger dont you? I thought so....

*sexy pics included*

Nothing gives me more pleasure than letting you know exactly what I think of your non existent penis, and its lack of function. Or exactly how hidious and disgusting you really are...I want you to feel empty, humiliated and useless! because thats EXACTLY what you are! if you werent put on this planet to satisfy your superiors (women) what else were you put here for? must be for me to humiliate and abuse instead ;)

when Im done with you losers you will go and cry your pathetic mutant selves to sleep tonight hahaa!

want to cam with me via SKYPE?