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I know I have a reputation for being a kinky little bitch, and I admit it’s well deserved.i may only be 19 but I do have a penchant for the taboo, extreme topics that in my opinion make for the hottest, most intense phone sex calls. Because of my accepting, non-judgmental nature, my clients feel free to express their deepest, darkest desires. I have often said that I believe our strongest sexual triggers are born of the things that were most forbidden in the formative years of our youth. These can be wildly different from person to person, but I have definitely noticed an increased trend in recent years toward a softer kind of taboo. I call it a “love fetish” although I think it’s less about the emotion of love and more about the intimacy of being able to express any feelings at all in the presence of another human being. Both men and women in today’s society are taught that the safest sex is impersonal, detached, uninvolved. You should be able to “hook-up” and not need the cuddling or companionship that accompanies relationship sex. Relationships require work, compromise, investment. Who needs that? You might think phone sex is another cog in the mercenary sex machine, but it, like other forms of sex work, doesn’t have to be. I think here on niteflirt it isn’t. Which is why I believe I’ve been getting a higher proportion of clients who desire a different kind of call. Something…sweeter. Oh the sex can be hot and hard and intense, that doesn’t necessarily exclude what I’m talking about. What I mean is that connection between caller and operator, the casual intimacy of two people who know what gets each other off and love being the one to make their parter feel like a million bucks. The freedom of not having to pretend you don’t care, of being able to say “love” without it being a dirty word. Intimate relationships are hard to initiate and maintain, and nobody should be ashamed of wanting to be loved and desired. Is this striking a chord for you? If so, give me a call and we can explore love fetish phone sex together…

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