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Literate Intellectual Sexy Conversation

I'm a creative creature with a degree in Literature. I'm 35, Canadian, and enjoy good conversation.
I'm experienced with a lot of BDSM and am open to talking about any flavour of kink that strikes your fancy.
I particularly like respectful, polite Femdom and Findom, but we do not have to play in any sort of scenario or categorization of sexuality unless you want to.
I'm happy to just talk with you about anything you like.
My rules are simple: the power dynamic must have me in charge, and you must ask for it nicely.
Things I especially enjoy:
- Confession and penance
- Telling you about my love life
- Telling stories (written by myself or someone else)
- Reading to you from my textbooks*
- Reading poetry
- Giving you advice on your love life
- BDSM involving harmless but uncomfortable things (pilates, yoga, kneeling on pennies, cold showers, etc.)
- Feminization without humiliation (becoming feminine is not a form of degradation, it is an improvement)
- Online shopping for items you would like me to have either for future conversations or just as tokens of your appreciation
I've been told by a lot of people that what distinguishes me from other people in this sort of environment are my ethics, my eloquence, my psychological approach to BDSM, and the fact that I am not in this for the money. (I have a well paying job. I do this purely for fun.)
I am happy to engage you at whatever level you feel is most appropriate at the time you are calling, from the mental to the physical and everything in-between.
Come say hello! :) I'm eager to talk with you.
*I am a graduate student in Literature. Topics include Media Theory, Narrative Construction, Analysis of Fiction, and various flavours of Literary Theory.