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Jason Ecks

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Do yourself a favor and accept that your place is on your knees and worshipping My very existence. Everything that I am and exude is going to be your New Religion. Let the lies that you tell yourself fade from your mind as you begin your life as My Slut. It is only then you will enjoy being controlled and craving to Obey each and every one of My commands ~ feeling more at ease than ever before as I creep deep into your psyche and take complete control of your worthless little life.

Tell me about your degenerate lifestyle and I will use your weaknesses against you as I devise a plan to corrupt you and turn you into a fucked up needy cock sucker.

If you disobey and do not carry out My instructions, you will be subject to corporal punishment and if I'm in a good mood, CBT

I enjoy fantasy play as long as you realize I will be leading you down a deep and very dark path that feels so good, you need to perform and make our perversions reality. I will be your drug and you will BEG to be MY BITCH!

I am tired of getting emails from little assholes who just want to get off for free, so from now on every email I get that asks stupid, meaningless questions will be ignored and the sender blocked. This is not a fucking charity.
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