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Goddess Fantasea

I'll take until you're an empty piggy



Every thing you've ever fantasized.

you need Me to guide you in your second life. The power I take from a submissive is my favorite part of the domination exchange. Adding to My abundance of power and wealth brings both you and I immense joy. Taking from you is all the more pleasing knowing you are slowly lowering your standard of living to raise mine, as I spend my money you have worked so hard to earn. 

A Mental Sadist.

A mental sadist A submissive mind a simply a toy; like play dough I mold it to my desire. I believe all woman hold true power over the male species but few can conjure it. I am one of the few and have no trouble holding back. I know where a pig like you belongs; beneath me.

Once I plant my seed in your mind, you are no longer your own person. I enjoy putting a worthless pig such as you in his place, and taking advantage of you mentally and financially, while I teach you how to properly worship and praise your owner. I get turned on by watching a you give me the money you've worked so hard for.

Humiliating a pig with a tiny cock amuses me, watching your self esteem lower and love for me grow, all the while you become nothing but a shell of a pig gives me a feeling of accomplishment. 

Trib·ute :

a. something given or contributed voluntarily as due or deserved; especially : a gift or service showing respect, gratitude, or affection

b. something (as material evidence or a formal attestation) that indicates the worth, virtue, or effectiveness of the one in question.