Phone Sex

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Come to me little pet...
Let my sensual and seductive voice entrance you and draw you deeply into my chamber of deviant desires.
Down, down, down into the deep recesses of your mind, where your will is pliable, and I can make you mine.
I am an erotic hypnotist, but also a bit wicked and sadistic, so don't be surprised if I take your suggestions and run with them. Once I have you in my spell, I won't want to let go.
In order to fully relax you and make you mine, please budget for at least 20 to 30 minutes of your time and money. You should call me from a place that you feel comfortable, have total privacy, and there are no distractions.
Some people are much more suggestable than others and go under quickly. Others may take a little longer. You are welcome to buy my pre-hypnosis session questionnaire, and save a little time and money that way. I will send 3 minutes to you free after you fill it out and return it to me.
Also if I'm not available, or you're just a teensy bit scared to try me in person, try one of my hypnosis mp3's for sale.
Be warned: Once you try the Hypnotrance, you'll find yourself falling deeper and deeper into my web of seduction and perversion.