Phone Sex

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Sometimes everybody just needs a friend to chat to

Sometimes everybody just needs a friend. We’ve all been there - sometimes you just want a friendly voice to chat with; someone who will truly listen and understand. You know? There are times you just need a pal to talk (or bitch) to.

Rough day? Awesome one? Ring me, and the voice of a young Asian lily (laced with charming European inflections) answers -- "Rough day? Awesome one? ...Hey, what's wrong? What's the matter?" I am That Friend, the one who meets you at the door at 4 am with tea and cookies when you need one most in the world. Who rests a gentle hand on your shoulder and gives it a slight squeeze while you tell me what's currently bothering you in your life. Take all the time you need -- here I am, curled up next to you on the couch (in spirit if not in presence) and listening to every word of this saga intently, sympathetically. (I've always been a good, comforting listener, I've been told.) Later, together we can break down various facets of the situation and brainstorm a solution and/or plan to conquer it. Would you rather be the person you only pretend to be /or/ the person you truly /want/ to be?

But it doesn't have to be all angstville, right? We can chat about everything -- favorite TV shows, books, movies, authors, hobbies, travels, crazy shit in our lives...or just talk about anything!

Or maybe some days your boss is being an ass, your coworkers suck and you just have to bitch them out to someone who can emphasize and understand. Maybe you just got promoted (congrats!). Work going well? How about school? Any upcoming vacation plans, or a dream destination? Gone on any good dates lately - or do you have a horror story to tell? Or let's talk about the awesome party you went to last night (or the one you WISHED you'd been to) -- and what steps we can take to get you there in future). Tell me about the cool new shirt you bought that everybody’s complimenting you on (or the one you want) - or about the girl (or guy!) who’s your latest crush. (Hey, let's strategize together to get them crush on YOU too! I'm good at that ;) ) Did you take up a neat new hobby? Did you go out to eat at a fabulous restaurant (or cook something delish yourself)? So tell me more about that esoteric subject/hobby/obsession you’ve suddenly become interested in, which you worry nobody wants to hear you go on about? I want to hear all about it! Or maybe your day just plain sucked (or rocked) and you want to chat to a friend who understands and will never, ever judge. I’m here to chat and listen. Let's be pals! :)

If you'd like to get to know me even better, the right gift might just get you to new heights with me ;) If you'd like to express a sweet token of your affection, I haven't had time to update my Amazon wishlist lately - but one can never go wrong with an anonymous e-giftcard thru giftrocket.
Gifts of anonymous e-giftcards from Saks Fifth Ave, Nordstrom,Amazon, Net-A-Porter would be wonderful, sweet, personalized tokens of your affection and ways to take our dynamic to the next level :)

So - why not get to know each other a little more...intimately? Not everything has to be sexual. Sometimes you just need a friend to listen - and laugh with you, talk through your problems, cheer you up, provide a pleasant distraction, have a good warm chat. I'll be here. Just give me a ring, tiger -- and let me help.