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American Geisha

Do you want to become a beautiful flower?

The first time I caught a man wearing one of my vintage kimono and prancing around the room, I thought to myself "How pathetic."

There he was, tripping all over the hem and stumbling about like a crippled heifer. When he heard me laugh, he stopped dead in his tracks and delivered what was quite possibly the worst bow I have ever seen. Then he made the mistake of speaking to me in that shrill, high-pitched voice that so many men seem to think the imitation of a woman's voice sounds like. He told me that he just wanted be a geisha like me.

I laughed again. Did he really think that all it takes to be a geisha is a fancy robe and a painted face? Of course, I could certainly understand why he would want to become geisha.

I'm not interested in those who want to become trashy little sluts.

I have much higher standards than that. A geisha is a living work of art, and those who train under me will do well to remember that. When you take me as your Onesan, I understand that my task is to instruct you in the art of being a desirable woman by geisha standards. Geisha are not prostitutes. In fact, my girls will be severely limited (or perhaps abstain altogether) from sexual pleasure during their training.

This is not a training program for men who crave being humiliated by dressing up in feminine clothing.

I designed this program for those who sincerely wish to become beautiful flowers. The humiliation they experience during their training comes from their failure to meet the goals that I have set for them, not from achieving them. When I take on a new student, we discuss at length about their ideals of beauty and the manner in which I will train them. I understand that some girls need to be chastised and ridiculed more than others. My experience is in the realm of teaching men (and some women, for that matter) how to look and feel beautiful by using techniques I've adapted from traditional geisha training.

The path to becoming a geisha is a complete experience, not just an exercise in imagination.

When you begin training under me, I start you with the basics. I don't care how much feminization experience you've had in the past, as it only means that you have probably picked up some unsavory habits that need to be broken. Becoming geisha is not merely a matter of learning how to apply makeup and dress appropriately. My girls begin by following a standard routine that is designed to mentally prepare them for their transformation and adjusted over time to suit their individual needs. My curriculum is designed to give a sampling of various feminine arts and allowing me to determine where a girl should focus her efforts.

My online program sometimes involves assignments that require photographic proof of completion. I certainly cannot judge a student's manner of walking or how well she has applied her makeup over the phone. I will arrange for video chats or other means for my students to show me their work. (Students may mask themselves to preserve anonymity if they so desire.)

Shall we begin?

Participation in this program requires sending an application for enrollment. Those who do not follow this first step and just click on the Request Lessons button are simply throwing their money away because their first lesson will be to purchase and fill out an application. Once I have received your application, I will review it and then send you everything you will need to know in order to begin your training, as well as your first assignment.

My geisha training program is primarily a PTV correspondence course. You may ask me questions about this program by e-mail, or by a phone conversation if you prefer. However, once I have accepted you into the program you will be expected to conform to my rules and etiquette in regard to contacting me about your training.

My girls may use the buttons below.